Holidays with dogs

Your holiday with dog

It’s all about your dog

Dogs welcome! If you spend your holiday at a Falkensteiner Hotel with your dog, you will quickly realise that your four-legged friend is not just tolerated but deeply welcome here. Spend a relaxed holiday at our dog hotels and enjoy lots of great amenities and exclusive dog services for you and your furry companion. Two legs or four – at Falkensteiner, the guest is always king!

Pet-friendly services: your dog hotel highlights

  • arrival package with treats, chewing bones and more for your dog
  • Falkensteiner tips for the most beautiful spots to walk your dog
  • dog-walking service (on request, book at reception)
  • dog blanket, towel, feeding bowl and bandana
  • dog shopping: pretty accessories for your four-legged friend



Thank you! Dogs are always welcome in your room, the lobby or the bar area of our hotels. However, dogs are not allowed in our restaurants, breakfast rooms and wellness & spa areas – thank you for your understanding!



A great time with your dog and Falkensteiner

No matter if you’re spending your holiday with dog in Austria, Italy or Croatia – a stay at one of Falkensteiner’s “Dogs Welcome” hotels is always a pleasant experience from the moment you arrive to the moment you go back home.


After a long trip, it’s a good idea to have a drink. That’s why all Falkensteiner Dog Hotels have special drinking stations for your four-legged friend. Checking in at reception, you will receive the next goodie for you and your dog: an exclusive arrival package full of little surprises! After all, after a long journey your dog will surely enjoy some treats! 


Down! Once you have checked into your room, it’s time to prepare a nice spot for your furry friend. With the Falkensteiner dog blanket, chewing bone and feeding bowl, your dog will feel right at home in no time at all.


Walkies with a view: the best walks and hikes with dog

Time to walk the dog? Off you go! But first, head to reception to collect some valuable tips for the best dog-walking routes near your hotel! The animal-loving Falkensteiner team knows the best walkways, dog parks and hiking paths for you and your dog. Who knows? You might find the perfect playmate for your dog there!

What’s more, your dog is free to roam during the hotel’s daily play hour (unsupervised). Frolicking around with other dogs in a safe location is a fun activity that is sure to make your furry friend “dog-tired” for a restful night’s sleep in your holiday home.   


Your dog in safe hands

Taking precautions. Your four-legged friend has been too wild at play, was bitten in a fight or has fallen ill? No need to worry, the Falkensteiner team knows the nearest vet in town. In order for your dog not to contract any diseases in the first place, Falkensteiner dog hotels only accept animals with a valid vaccination certificate and chip.

Fees for holidays with your dog (without food)

Falkensteiner dog hotels

You think that a dog-friendly hotel is hard to find? Then let us introduce you to Falkensteiner dog hotels! 

How about a seaside holiday with your dog in Croatia? Residences Senia in Zadar make your holiday dreams come true! You are looking for a hotel in Austria which is suited ideally for hiking with a dog? Then Hotel Sonnenalpe in Carinthia is your place to be.

Whatever the wishes of you and your canine companion are for your next holiday together: At these Falkensteiner hotels you are guaranteed to spend a relaxed holiday with your dog in Austria, Italy, Croatia or another destination of your choice. 

Vacationing with a dog: what you need to consider

You have already picked a dog-friendly hotel or booked your stay at a Falkensteiner dog hotel? Then it is best to start planning your journey well ahead. We have summarised the most important things you need to consider, from making the car journey suitable for dogs right up to packing.

A worry-free dog holiday: what you should bring

Packing your suitcases. These items should be on your packing list for a holiday with your dog: 

  • collar with dog tag and contact details 
  • leash and dog waste bags for walks
  • muzzle for trips during your stay
  • a copy of your third-party liability insurance for dogs: it covers smaller property damages caused by your dog 
  • European Pet Passport: veterinarian verification that your dog is chipped and vaccinated
  • favourite toy(s)
  • travel bowl for food and water 
  • dog food to which your dog is used
  • for a summer holiday: cooling vest and sun blocker for protection against the heat and sun
  • first-aid kit: just in case and for smaller injuries

Did you forget to bring something? No need to worry – dog equipment such as blankets, towels, dog kerchiefs, poop bags and treats can be borrowed from or bought at the hotel. 

Tips for a worry-free car journey with your dog

Most dogs find car journeys stressful, which is why you should try to make them as comfortable as possible for your little darling. The following tips might be helpful: 

  • Avoid feeding your dog right before the departure. In dogs as well as humans car journeys may upset the stomach. 
  • Take regular and sufficient breaks for drinking and stretching legs. 
  • Ideally you plan for stops at green spaces. Most service and petrol stations are not suitable for short walks. 
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car in the summer! 
  • Keeping your dog safe in the car is required by law. Dog crates, dog guards and dog-specific safety belts are approved safety measures for your best friend. If you use a dog crate we recommend that you familiarise your dog with it well in advance. 
  • Offer your dog a chew bone and toys for distraction during the journey. 

As you can see, finding a dog-friendly hotel is not that hard after all – at least at Falkensteiner’s. Now there is nothing that keeps you from enjoying a happy holiday with your dog! Have an unforgettable holiday experience with your dog in Austria, Italy, Croatia or another country. Feel free to contact us at the dog hotel of your choice!