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Highlights and Sights in Prague

Since the Middle Ages, Prague has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Over the centuries, people from many different cultural areas have met here. This mutual enrichment is one reason for the open, cosmopolitan flair that characterises the city today.

Regarding urban development, the city impresses with its historic, unique constructions and angled alleyways. The city's image is characterised by Gothic and baroque architecture. Roughly 500 towers rise into the heavens from the valley by the Vltava. Surrounded by soft hills, the "Golden City” is a picturesque, total work of art without equal.

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague
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Prague Castle (Hradschin)
Prague Castle Hradschin near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Jewish Quarter
Jewish Graveyard near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Old Town Square
Astronomical Clock Old Town Square near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Lesser Town
Lesser Town near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences
Dancing House
Dancing House near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Prague Castle (Hradschin) - 0

The Prague castle holds a fascinating history.

Wenceslas Square - 0

Known by the citizens of Prague, as Václavské náměstí, it is one of the two main city squares.

Charles Bridge - 0

The Charles Bridge is only 1.9km away from the hotel.

Jewish Quarter - 0

The Jewish Quarter is located between the Old Town Square and Vltava River.

Old Town Square - 0

Old Town Square or Staroměstské náměstí, is the central square of the historic part of Prague.

Lesser Town - 0

The baroque and picturesque sights make it a favorite setting for movies.

Dancing House - 0

The building Dancing House was created by Czech architect Valdo Milunic and Canadian Frank Gehry


Do not miss out on the city's highlights during your brief holiday! At Falkensteiner Hotel Maria Prag, you are in the middle of history: begin your sightseeing programme right at the front door! 

Stroll over the Charles Bridge to "Little Venice” and up to Hradschin, the historical castle. There you will stroll through the "Golden Lane” and visit the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral. Back in the old city, you should also plan a visit to the Jewish cemetery and the old synagogues. Discover a piece of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site in Prague's historic centre!


Always take some time occasionally to marvel. Treat yourself to a cultivated "pilsner” or a "Staropramen”in one of the numerous pubs.

Or do as author Franz Kafka once did and take a seat in one of the famous coffee houses, such as the "Slavia".