All eyes on Prague

On the trail of the Czech capital's special features

Historic, hip & highly interesting - Prague is one of the most diverse European metropolises. Where urban flair meets the historic buildings of the beautiful old town, tourists and locals alike succumb to the charm of the 'Golden City' every day. Let yourself be enchanted and surprised by the rich diversity of the city - we will provide you with the most important insider tips!

City Concierge

Discover Prague from a whole new perspective - perfectly tailored to your interests!

Our experienced City Concierge will be happy to put together individual experiences for you that will also let you perceive the city through the eyes of a local. Are you ready to be let in on the hidden secrets of Prague?




Prague from above

With the help of our City Concierge, find the best spots for the most breathtaking views of Prague's iconic red rooftops. The 'City of a Hundred Spires' gives you exciting perspectives & different angles from above. Our City Concierge will tell you which observation towers are perfect for sunrise and where you can catch the most beautiful view of the sunset. Perfect for capturing the magic of the city!

Historical City

Prague has a lot of stories to tell due to its profound history. Start by uncovering the hidden secrets of Prague's Old Town on medieval underground tours, encounter the city's legends and learn more about the determined Czech resistance to communism and occupation on modern history tours. 

Scenic Tram Ride

Visit Prague's most beautiful landmarks and enjoy the view of the Vltava River from your seat in the historic tram. Take the opportunity of a compact, unique experience with the day ticket for a tram ride whose oldest carriages date back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. You can get on and off the tram at any time, and the ticket also gives you a discount on visits to many of Prague's towers. The nearest tram stop is a 4-minute walk from our hotel.


Architectural Walks

Even a normal city walk gives the feeling of strolling through an open-air gallery. Prague offers many architectural masterpieces from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque to Art Nouveau and Cubism. The location of our boutique hotel and the expertise of the City Concierge allow you to discover many architectural styles at once.


For Art Enthusiasts

Prague has more than just a historical side. Modern, postmodern and contemporary artworks can be found in places where you least expect them. Discover modern and contemporary art from the outside or visit one of the numerous galleries. Our City Concierge will provide you with the latest info on popular exhibitions and hip pop-ups.


Cultural Capital

Prague is waiting to take you into the world of culture. Whether during the day or in the evening - the Capital of Culture has a suitable highlight to offer for every personal taste. The eclectic metropolis is full of theatres, museums, cinemas, libraries, music clubs and much more. The State Opera and the National Museum are just a few steps away from our hotel. 


Culinary Hotspots 

The exciting mix of modern and traditional does not stop at Prague's culinary scene. Gourmets can expect a variety of ways to enjoy the city's cuisine: From small bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, from pubs to world-class cocktail bars. Check us out for the hottest tips. Your first stop? Definitely our stylish Monkey Bar!


Food Tours

Let local experts guide you! The greatest culinary delights are likely to await you where you are introduced by residents. Let an evening melt in your mouth as you visit the most famous places of Prague cuisine and savour the flavours of the city.


Spirit Tours

Alcoholic beverages have a special tradition in the beer-brewing country of the Czech Republic. However, this tradition extends far beyond the boundaries of hops & malt and introduces you to the fine art of mixing drinks. Fancy craft cocktails on a boat, bubbly rosé in a chic location or high-quality rum in a rustic bar: We'll find the right thing for every taste. What are you in the mood for today?


Kutná Hora

Take advantage of the fact that our hotel is only a 2-minute walk from the main railway station and visit one of the UNESCO heritage cities with a direct train connection. Kutna Hora is famous for the grandiose Gothic St Barbara's Church and the Sedlec Ossusary Chapel decorated with human skeletons. You also have the exciting opportunity to experience guided tours of medieval silver mines here.



The train takes you just a few kilometres from Prague to Karlštejn, a Gothic castle built by the 14th century Roman Emperor Charles IV. This one-day trip is ideal for getting to know the picturesque Czech countryside and exploring this architectural gem of a huge castle complex. Allow us to plan a trip exactly to your liking!