In Falkensteiner Family Hotels, the best childcare in the world is no issue at all: it is taken for granted.
Naturally, the criteria that need to be complied with to make a hotel or resort ''family-friendly'' include childcare. A hotel seeking to deserve the label ''children's hotel'' or ''family hotel'' must, of course, attach the highest importance to this factor.

Both during the day and – occasionally – also at night. Both regarding the dedication and enthusiasm of the professional childminders as well as in terms of the concepts, programmes and offers, the training and further training of employees and the indoor and outdoor infrastructure. Therefore, the quality of childcare in the children's hotels has top priority for us. It is a value, too. At Falkensteiner, this value has a name and a "face": "Falky" – the heraldic animal of the Falkensteiner hotels with childcare services.

"Falky" is more than a mascot. More than a friendly animator in a plush costume: What is labelled with Falky's name, wherever Falky can be found, child friendliness and suitability for children is guaranteed and certified. Whether with "Falky in the City" – the Falky concept in urban hotels. Or "Falky SPA" – the Falkensteiner children's SPA programme. Or "Falky in the Mountains", "Falky by the Sea", the "Falky Cocktail" or the play and fun and adventure paradise "Falky Land": The childcare provided always varies according to age and interests, it is multilingual – and with the "Falky Club", the kids keep up-to-date in all things Falky before, during and after the holidays.So here is a little warning for all parents: You might just end up missing your children during a Falkensteiner family holiday. Because the range of games and recreational activities we offer is so extensive that sometimes there'll be only just enough time for shared meals. Kids want to rediscover the world afresh every day. For them, everything is a great adventure. Kids are game for everything, if it is properly presented – and the day is exciting.

But a family holiday at Falkensteiner is about much more than just the children's needs: because – particularly – the greatest and best parents in the world also want to take an occasional breather on their holiday, too. For instance, because they want to rekindle the flame of their early days with a romantic dinner or an evening for two. That is why babysitter services should also feature among the services offered by a hotel that wants to use the label "Falkensteiner Family Hotel". 

Falkensteiner family hotels set great store by qualified, entertaining and professional childcare. That's why children in our hotels are divided into different age groups. Supervision and range of activities offered, programmes and animation cater optimally for the different needs of the respective ages.

The age groups and activities for children in a Falkensteiner Family Hotel are:


The programme for the 3- to 6-year-olds is all about getting to know one another playfully and having fun. Affectionate care with programme activities takes centre stage here.


•    Swimming course & ski course
•    Story time & puppet show
•    Petting zoo & snowman quest
•    Crafts and much more


The focus for this age group includes activities and sports. The entire hotel, including the outdoor facilities, is included in the programme. The children earn a stamp in their personal Falky Pass when they participate in different activities and can thus win amazing surprises.


•    Swimming course & ski course
•    Riding course & climbing for children
•    Fishing & water games
•    Magic show & hotel rally
•    Treasure hunt & nature days with educational aspects and much more



The care provided for the Falken centres on sports and creativity. The hotel's environs are also very much integrated.


•    Ball games: football, volleyball, etc.
•    Tournaments (e.g. billiard)
•    Inline skating & children's gymnastics
•    Creative design (e.g. T-shirts)
•    High rope course & mountain biking and much more