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Our Youngstar Events:

Youngstars Team Days

You are not alone - we are one big Falkensteiner Youngstars family! Get to know each other, exchange ideas and experience new things together. The highlight among the events.

CEOs for Future

Shaping the future together with our CEO. The Federal President and his wife make sure that sustainability is not just an empty promise. 


Get to know Europe's most beautiful holiday destinations within the Falkensteiner Hotel Group, get a taste of the hotels and do it within our family - in a safe framework. There are many new things to experience here!

Regular training and coaching

within the group with the Youngstars from our hotels

  • Boss for one day - Being a boss for once
  • Let's talk & Business etiquette - Live on Stage, the right way to do it
  • Win Win - Reaching the goal together
  • Kick Off Newcomers - All beginnings made easy

Everyone has a "buddy" in the hotel to help them find their way around quickly and receive professional support. 

Access to our FALQON e-learning platform, access to our online language course programmes

Financed participation in competitions

and support in preparing for them

  • We are happy to support you in reducing your carbon footprint with hotel-owned projects.
  • When applying, also ask about our hotel-specific benefits

Cost and accommodation are free of charge for you - even on your days off, of course.


If you complete your apprenticeship in one of our Austrian hotels, you have the opportunity to work for one month in another Falkensteiner hotel of your choice in Austria or abroad. Alternatively, we offer you the opportunity to work for one month at our cooperation partner Mochi in Vienna and with star chef Theodor Falser in South Tyrol, or to get to know our headquarter in Vienna for one week in the commercial department.

We offer the following apprenticeships

Gastronomy specialist
(4 years)

Learning how to prepare a wide variety of dishes, how to welcome and serve guests, how to design menus, how to decorate tables and how to do the accounting will make you a true all-rounder in the catering industry.

Hotel and restaurant specialist
(4 years)

You will learn everything from making offers to fixing bookings, checking in guests, giving tips for the perfect stay to providing loving service - with all its details. Planning and organising events and procuring goods are also part of the training.

Hospitality management assistant
(3 years)

How do I reach guests? Marketing & e-commerce are part of the training. Creating offers, bookings, looking after guests from check-in to check-out and the administration in the background - you will learn all this in 4 years.

(3 years)

Do you enjoy wielding pots and knives to conjure up delicious dishes? From planning dishes, purchasing and stock-keeping to preparing them - these are the key facts of your training.

Restaurant specialist
(3 years)

Decorating tables, creating food and beverage menus, checking purchases and providing loving service - that's what you'll learn to create an unforgettable stay for guests in the restaurant.

Pastry chef, specialising in patisserie
(3 years)

The sweet finale - your skills will always be remembered by the guests. Learn how to plan and prepare desserts. Buying the goods and storing them properly are also part of the training.

(3 years)

You develop into a spa therapist and expert - with a lot of knowledge and specially learned massage techniques. Your massage treatments make our guests feel good and balanced. 

(2 years)

You will learn everything our guests need for their beauty and well-being, from facial care with many exciting natural products to the conception and implementation of holistic cosmetic rituals.

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