Whoever aspires to practice the value of family authentically, must do so at all levels: also, when it comes to the hotel's employees – and as host for the less advantaged.
In the Falkensteiner world, family is more than a word: family is a value. This word demands to be filled with life every day. Not only for those who spend their family holiday in a Falkensteiner family hotel.

To us, living by family values also means to give opportunities and joy to people – children – who have been less fortunate so far than those who arrive in "intact" families. An opportunity for a holiday, rest, relaxation and joy. Because what is good and beautiful grows more when shared. Especially when you have so much of it yourself: that's why it is only natural for us to share some of this good fortune. We cannot, in this manner, eliminate all the misery and evil of this world – but at least we can try to temper some of the wrongs and injustices. We do this gladly – and by this, we hope to encourage others to do the same.
Therefore, the Falkensteiner Group has started a partnership with the SOS Children's Villages. We regularly invite Children's Village families and their caregivers to Falkensteiner Family Hotels. Without any fuss and without putting on a show: we don't want to thrust the children or ourselves into the spotlight, we just want to give something back, by putting smiles on a few children's faces. With this, we also want to show our gratitude to the dedicated Children's Village mothers and fathers. Gratitude for valuable work that makes it possible at all for many children to experience childhood as normalcy, despite having had a bad start in life. 

Those who live by family values must do so not only on the outside. They must also demonstrate family friendliness on the inside and prove it daily. This is anything but easy, particularly in the restaurant and hotel sector: The inevitable early morning and late-night working hours and the seasonal challenges are often the opposite of what a harmonious and relaxed everyday family life would actually require. This makes it even more important to cushion as much as can possibly be cushioned with working time models, and initial and further training options and other measures that are flexible and specifically geared to the employees' needs.

Not only, but also because satisfaction with one's own job situation translates into the employees' work quality, commitment and motivation to perform – after all, our guests cannot help but notice the mood among the hotel's domestic and service staff. 

Instead of big words and expansive concepts, Erich Falkensteiner, Chairman of the "Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group" Supervisory Board refers to a central childhood memory in this context. When the company was still a small family-run seven-bed operation in South Tyrol, his mother, Maria Falkensteiner, usually began making breakfast at four o' clock in the morning. Often, she would still be working on the laundry long after midnight. "As a child I was, of course, not aware of what that means." Today I know. But back then I could already feel that it wasn't right. Later, I promised myself one thing: I do not want anyone – whether man or woman – to have to work in the conditions my mother did in any company that I work in. I owe that to my mother and every mother, every family.