Boat rides on The Grand Canal near Falkensteiner Hotels

Holiday in Venice

The Italian region of Veneto is home to a potpourri of different areas and attractions, but they all have one essential thing in common: the consistent embodiment of the Dolce Vita - whether on a beach vacation on the Adriatic or Lake Garda, a cultural city break to Venice, hiking in the Dolomites or wine tasting in Verona. Venice has the right place for every type of traveler and combines enjoyable culinary delights, delicious gelato, fascinating monuments, museums and cultural institutions with fine sandy beaches, shopping promenades, amusement arcades and numerous offers to be active in sports.

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo

Here, Mediterranean delicacies are fused with Japanese influences. Spa treatments, on the other hand, are based on Hawaiian traditions and whisk you away to a new world of relaxation. Let your vacation on the Adriatic surprise you and look forward to the familiar with a cool twist.

The exterior of Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo on a sunny day


Sailboat on the sea near Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa Jesolo


If you are looking for watersports and last but not least a challenge, look no further! 

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Close-up of golf ball on a tee at Falkensteiner Hotels


Golfing in Jesolo is beautiful. Enjoy the mild climate, rich greens and warm breezes on the nearby golf courses.

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A boat on the lake near Falkensteiner Hotels


Sail in the lagoon on a historic motorsailer, Edipo Re, which the painter Giuseppe Zigaina shared with his friend Pasolini.

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Masks in a mask making workshop near Falkensteiner Hotels

Mask Making Workshop

The workshop offers not only Venetian masks for sale, but also a steady stream of new designs while remaining true to the original, authentic techniques for producing Venetian Masks: from Harlequin to Bauta masks, called by some the best mask shop in Venice, is one of the most well respected and recognized producers of Carnival masks in the world.

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A crowded street in Venice near Falkensteiner Hotels

Photographic Rally of Venice

This Activity works much better in the morning as you can pass some of the most lively quarters of the town such as the Rialto Market (which is open only in the mornings) and is the best location for this kind of activity.

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A boat guide rowing in Venice near Falkensteiner Hotels

Rowing like a Gondolier

After a proper introduction about the basic techniques, positions, an movements typically used to row, the Venetian guide will welcome you on board of a traditional gondola from 1700s.

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Lady playing a grand piano at Falkensteiner Hotels

Music at the palace

Experience an operatic and musical evening in the authentic XVII century Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto - just off the Grand Canal. 

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4 glasses of wine for wine testing at Falkensteiner Hotels

Wine tasting

Wine tasting in the Venetian countryside, savouring the different local wines.

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Banquet set-up in a palace in Venice at Falkensteiner Hotels

Gala dinner in a real Venetian palace

The Pallazzetto, a real Venetian palace, hosts a boutique resort. The NOBLE FLOOR (divided into 3 main rooms) can be hired for exclusive use for a private event – maximum capacity 60 persons

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Tourists on the dragon boat ride near Falkensteiner Hotels

Venice by Dragon Boat

What better way to experience Venice’s wonders than by water! And what more original way to see Venice by Dragon Boat!

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Tourists sailing through Venice near Falkensteiner Hotels

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Museum of modern art set up by the American heiress with important works from early 20th century avantgardists.

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Ceiling of the Theater La Fenice near Falkensteiner Hotels

Theatre la Fenice

Special visit to the theatre la Fenice - opportunity to go to the Theatre as a protagonist not only as a spectator.

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Buildings in the Venice near Falkensteiner Hotels

Gondola Serenade

Reach your destination Palace in a unique and traditional way. Enjoy the gondola ride down the various hidden canals of the Islands, accompanied by the melody of Italian serenades, while cradled in the atmosphere magic only to Venice.

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Outdoor dinner arrangement by the lagoon, Falkensteiner Hotels


Our dinner experience (by a Venetian catering) is a true journey of the senses, a delight for the mind and palate.

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A Motor Yacht by the deck near Falkensteiner Hotels


Nonno Bepi Boat is an 18-metre yacht, a luxury boat that gives you an exclusive experience by sailing on the Venetian lagoon in maximum comfort.

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Local Attractions

A canal in the famous Venice City near Falkensteiner Hotels


Venice and its lagoons have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1987.

Boats in a canal in Burano City near Falkensteiner Hotels


Each is a true work of art, sold in the characteristic shops or street stalls.

Boat in a lake at sunset near Falkensteiner Hotels


The island is about 45 hectares in size, and only two metres above the waterline. Only 25 permanent residents call the island home.

Close-up of liquid glass near Falkensteiner Hotels


Murano Island is famous all over the world for its antique tradition of glass blowing.

A glorious morning at Verona city near Falkensteiner Hotels


Walk in the footsteps of Romeo & Juliet, Goethe and Mozart. The historic old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

Prato della Valle Park near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


History comes alive here: Padua. The university town enchants pleasure holidaymakers with Italian small-town flair.