Aerial view of 2 swimmers in a lake, Falkensteiner Hotels

Summer Holiday in Sardinia

When you think of Sardinia, you inevitably think of gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters. In fact, expansive, beautiful sandy beaches with names like 'Little Tahiti' are regularly voted into the world's top ten lists. Surrounded by beautiful little bays, the breathtaking nature of the Mediterranean Sea can be enjoyed to the fullest. If you are looking for a change from relaxing by the sea, you can explore the island by car or rent a bike and just go for a ride. Explorers can walk in historical footsteps and look at relics of the Bronze Age, while families especially appreciate the child-friendly activities on offer in the vacation region. Animation and pools with water slides make children's eyes sparkle, while adults experience true culinary delights while feasting on delicious food.


Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia... the list of euphonious cities and places worth seeing in Sardinia is long. Especially the small villages are said to be the soul of the island. Old houses with flower boxes on the windows, laundry drying over the winding alleys and nonnas cooking original Sardinian food - tradition is omnipresent and contributes significantly to the charm of the region. Relics of the past bear witness to Sardinia's long history: wall paintings, the Mediterranean Stonehenge, architectural and artistic treasures, and a multitude of monuments add up to a rich cultural offering waiting to be discovered.

The dreamlike backdrop of the sea complete with picturesque coastline and exotic-looking beaches is impressive not only by day - the sky over Sardinia is full of stars that paint a beautiful picture night after night. During the day, the many hours of sunshine ensure the perfect ripeness of fruits and vegetables. Viticulture is practiced on a large scale, as each region produces its own variety. The cuisine of Sardinia stands for endless pleasure and the identity of its inhabitants.

Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi

Escape to the luxurious Capo Boi Premium Family Resort that captures the spirit of Sardinia. A paradise situated in the middle of a lush green park, surrounded by hills, with its own private white sandy beach and about 40 min drive away from Cagliari International Airport.  Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, all guest accommodations are wonderfully quiet and airy - the perfect ambience for families. 

Pool with hotel background at Falkensteiner Hotel Capo Boi


A lady in a Yoga Pose at a beach near Falkensteiner Hotels

Yoga or Private yoga session

Inhale our sardinian-energised air and forget your stressful habits with complimentary morning and afternoon classes, and private individual sessions (additional fee) designed to relax your body, clear your mind and restore your spirit.

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People at the open-air fitness area at Falkensteiner Hotels

Open-air fitness

Enjoy complimentary morning and afternoon open-air fitness sessions with our personal trainer and maintain your workout regime! Furthermore, an indoor fitness room is at your disposal as perfect complement for your shape!

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Tennis player with a racket & ball at Falkensteiner Hotels

Tennis Lovers

Take a break from water activities and practise your tennis skills or take lessons from our on-site instructor.

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Female diver with snorkels in the sea near Falkensteiner Hotels


The perfect diving experience is possible at the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi, thanks to the cooperation with the Villasimius Diving Centre.  

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High-angle view of 2 divers swimming near Falkensteiner Hotels


Directly on the beach of Capo Boi, you can rent boats, SUPs, canoes, pedal boats and inflatable boats.

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Close-up of golf ball on a tee at Falkensteiner Hotels


Just 2 km away from the resort is the 18-hole Tanka Golf & Country Club course. Opened in 2007,

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Sea view from a yacht near Falkensteiner Hotels

Sailing ship excursion

Depart from the port of Villasimius for a day exploring the southeastern coast of Sardinia.

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A dinghy boat on the sea near Falkensteiner Hotels

Dinghy excursion

An experience designed for those who want to have fun in the crystal clear sea of southern Sardinia, but do not have much time available.

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A jeep in off road adventure park near Falkensteiner Hotels

Off road adventure

A very special excursion that combines the discovery of Sardinian nature and fun. leaving the hotel in 4x4, you will begin a fascinating journey that will immerse you completely in the colors and scents of this beautiful Mediterranean island.

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A couple cycling by a river near Falkensteiner Hotels

Mountainbike Tour

With a maximum altitude of only 1842 meters, the island has no high mountains, but there is plenty of rocky terrain to give a good workout to even the most hardened mountain biker.

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A woman trekking near Falkensteiner Hotels

Trek Adventure

A trek that will take you on the tracks of the Sardinian deer in the south of Sardinia, in the territory of Castiadas.

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A horse at a horse riding park near Falkensteiner Hotels

horse riding

A few minutes away from the hotel is the riding school of Villasimius where you can both take riding lessons for beginners, adults and children, and also make beautiful walks on horseback between the beaches and coastal paths of the area.

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People on kayaking on a lake near Falkensteiner Hotels

Kayak excursion

A way to discover the coast of Villasimius away from the crowds and the noise of the boats is definitely the kayak.

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A shelf of cheese in a cheesery near Falkensteiner Hotels

Cheesery visit and tasting

A fun guided tour of one of the most important dairies in the Cagliari area.

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Close-up of a wine testing kit at Falkensteiner Hotels

Wine tasting

An enological experience that will take you to the heart of the Parteolla territory, at the gates of Cagliari.

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Close-up of olive oil bottle & olives at Falkensteiner Hotels

Olive oil museum

The experience begins with a visit to the modern production plant and continues in the rooms for the storage of oil and the packaging plant where there is a guided tasting of various types of oil.

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Goods in the San Benedetto market near Falkensteiner Hotels

Market of San Benedetto

In this day to frame visit the most important market in the city of Cagliari: the Market of San Benedetto.

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View of Cagliari city near Falkensteiner Hotels

Cagliari tour in a Calessino bee

You will discover its historic center and visit the four historic districts: Castello, Villanova, Stampacee Marina

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A tunnel with writings on the walls near Falkensteiner Hotels

Cagliari underground

Cagliari is a city that hides two souls, one in the open air in the light of every day, and the other more hidden that contains ancient stories. Stories that hide stories particular, mysterious.

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Close-up of a giant statue near Falkensteiner Hotels

Giants of monte Prama

A walk in the historic district of Castello, the center of social, political, cultural, military and religious life of the city from its foundation in the thirteenth century until today.

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4 Flamingos captured near Falkensteiner Hotels


A tour in a fantastic place enclosed in the metropolitan area of Cagliari. An experience suitable for everyone to discover extraordinary species of aquatic and migratory birds.

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Experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with our exclusive sunset catamaran excursion.

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Treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience.

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Local Attractions

Splendid sea near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


For exploration lovers, it's time for snorkelling with all of the equipment provided on board.

Mirto Liquor served near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Spirituosen von Sardinien

Out of all of Sardinia’s flavours, there is a special position reserved for its signature liqueur: il Mirto.

Housing flats in Cagliari city near Falkensteiner Hotels


Cagliari is a mix of cultures, sea and sun that blends into an unparalleled natural scenery. So many reasons to go and discover it.

Nuraghe at Barumini museum near Falkensteiner Hotels

Nuraghe at Barumini

Barumini is a village that houses the nuragic complex "Su Nuraxi", the best preserved of the island. Su Nuraxi of Barumini has recently been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Golden evening at Bastone of Saint Remy, Falkensteiner Hotels

Bastione of Saint Remy

The landmark of the city is the vibrant bastion in the historic quarter of Cagliari.

Cafes & restaurants at Villasimius Town, Falkensteiner Hotels


Villasimìus is a small town where the scent of the sea can be felt at every step in the streets and in the houses. The sun embraces the low houses surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, where the scent of the sea blends with that of myrtle, juniper and helichrysum.

Crystal clear sea around southeast coast, Falkensteiner Hotels

South-east coast

The south-east coast of Sardinia from Villasimius to the area of Arbatax is a succession of breathtaking landscapes, coves and inlets, where the thousands of shades of the sea mingle with the blue sky.

Punta Molentis Beach near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Nearby beaches

Villasimius is certainly among the most famous destinations in Sardinia especially for the beauty of its beaches.

Horses eating grass in Giara Park near Falkensteiner Hotels

Giara Park

Located 15 minutes from the site of Barumini, this plateau of 4500 hectares consists of a base of marl and sandstone dating back 20 million years.

People Roaming in Alghero City near Falkensteiner Hotels

San Sperate

A town/museum located twenty kilometers from Cagliari in southern Sardinia, San Sperate is famous for its murals, "sound stones", cultural vibrancy, and freshly grown produce, including peaches.

Inside of The caves of Is Zuddas near Falkensteiner Hotels

The caves of Is Zuddas

The road to reach the caves of Is Zuddas crosses the coast of the south and winds between coves and seascapes from the Caribbean colors and mountains covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Ruins in Caesarea National Park near Falkensteiner Hotels


The archaeological site of Nora is located in an ideal position, overlooking three beautiful bays.

Salt mines at Cagliari near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Salt mines near to Cagliari

A couple of minutes from Cagliari, a vast wilderness area and a vast site of industrial archaeology are gathered in a saltworks still in operation