A couple while ski touring near Falkensteiner Hotels
  • Winter

Ski touring

Better uphill than downhill, or both? Then a ski tour is just right for you. Through the untouched snow to rare beautiful viewpoints. With the skins on the skis, going up over the snow is child's play, and yet you will be amazed at how impressive it can be when you are so close to nature. The equipment is provided by ski rentals in the area. It is recommended you do a tour like this with a guide, as a certain amount of knowledge is required to stay safe in open terrain. There are a multitude of options offered on the various tours, for example, from tour 14 towards Auernig (approx. 3 h) to tour 11 on the Gartnerkofel (approx. 4.5 - 6 h). All important information about equipment and tours can be found here.

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