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Hotel Cancellation Protection
Curtailment of Travel
Deductible 20 %  X X
Extra Return Trip Protection X X
Travel Accident Insurance X X
Travel Health Insurance X X
Travel Luggage Insurance X X
Emergency Insurance X X
Travellers Third Party Liability X X
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Detailed Information

If you cancel a travel booking for an insured reason or travel at a later date, we will reimburse you either for the cancellation costs due under the terms of the policy, or for additional outbound travel costs.
Insured reasons are, for example: 

In the case of insured persons and close relatives:

  • Unexpected serious illness
  • Serious injury caused by an accident or death
  • Pregnancy after booking the trip
  • Breakage of a prosthesis, loosening of implantedjoints

For insured persons:

  • Failure of a pupil to move up a year in the case of a school or class trip, or if a resit exam falls during the insured travel period
  • Loss of job with subsequent unemployment
  • Commencement of employment, if the probationary period occurs during the insured travel time
  • Change of job or short-time work 
  • Significant damage to the insured person’s property due to fire, natural events or criminal acts committed by third parties
  • Unexpected call-up to military service, military training exercise or alternative service
  • Required court appearance 

If you delay the start of your trip or curtail your trip for an insured reason*, we will reimburse you:

  • If travel is curtailed during the first half of the insured trip, however no more than the first 8 days of the trip, we will reimburse the insured travel costs.
  • During the second half of your trip (at the latest from the 9th day of travel) or if travel is curtailed, we will reimburse unused travel services.

Insured reasons:

  • Accident, unexpected serious illness or death
  • Immunisation intolerance
  • Pregnancy
  • Significant damage to the insured person’s property due to fire, natural events or criminal acts committed by third parties
  • Breakage of a prosthesis

If you have chosen the deductible option: No deductible for all insured events with the exception
out-patient treatment in the event of illness. In this case, the deductible amounts to 20% of the reimbursable damage, however at least EUR 25 per insured person.               

Additional accommodation and return travel costs in the event of e.g.    

  • Death, severe injury due to an accident, pregnancy
  • Unexpected serious illness        

No deductible

The benefit is provided in the event of accidents while travelling that result in the disability or death of the insured person.

Sums insured:

  • in the event of death EUR 10,000.00
  • in the event of disability up to EUR 20,000.00
  • recovery costs up to EUR 5,000.00

No deductible

Insurance cover for foreign travel:

In the event of illness or accident during a foreign trip, we will reimburse the insured person for the costs incurred e.g.:

  • For out-patient medical treatment by a doctor at 100%
  • In-patient hospital treatment up to EUR 300,000.00
  • For pain-relieving, emergency dental treatment, including simple fillings and repairs of existing dental prostheses 100%
  • Drugs and surgical dressings prescribed by a doctor
  • Transport to the nearest hospital and return to the accommodation
  • Additional assistance abroad after the insurance cover has officially ended until such time as the insured person is fit to be transported
  • Medically advisable return transport to a hospital at the place of residence

No deductible

Sums insured:
In the event of damage, loss or criminal acts committed by third parties:

  • Individual person up to EUR 2,000.00
  • Family up to EUR 4,000.00
  • In the event of baggage delay (Not on the same day) up to EUR 250.00

No deductible

Help with emergencies that affect the insured person during travel, e.g.

  • Declaration to cover the costs of medical treatment in hospitals
  • Patient transport, rescue costs
  • Assistance in the event of loss of travel money and documents
  • Assistance in the event of arrest 

No deductible

Our emergency call centre is open 365 days a year, including Sundays and public holidays – worldwide, around the clock.

International emergency call service when travelling
From abroad: Telephone +43 1 315-2444
Within Austria: Telephone 01 315-2444

Sums insured:
Everyday liability risks: up to EUR 250,000.00
Rental damages per insured event up to EUR 25,000.00
No deductible

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