Being a resort located within a marine protected area (specifically the one of Capo Carbonara, Sardinia) is also an experience for us. An experience that has taught us so much in terms of knowledge and respect for the wonderful natural habitat that surrounds us. We feel responsible for the stretch of coastline where we welcome you and respond punctually to all requests from the authority that manages the marine area. In addition, we are committed to passing on lessons we have learned and sensitivity to environmental issues.


Would you like to make your trip to Sardinia more sustainable? For an additional 20 € contribution on your reservation, we will plant in the hotel together with you a myrtle or mastic tree shrub within the resort. This will reduce the CO2 impact of your trip through a plant native to our Mediterranean scrub. The contribution can be added at any time of the reservation or directly at the hotel at the end of your stay.


Kids are usually the most sensitive guests to sustainability issues, and we are proud of this. Therefore, it is to them that we dedicate specific activities through an edutainment programme that includes Falky Rangers activities. Together with our dedicated team, kids go out to discover the nature of our resort, learn about vegetables in the hotel garden and animals in our pet zoo such as local donkeys and baby goats. There are also workshops to learn more about topics such as reuse and recycling. At the end of the day, together we analyze the newly acquired knowledge to consolidate awareness of environmental issues.


We offer activities that allow people to discover and learn about our Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area in a mindful and nature-conscious way. Participate in beach cleanup and trash recycling walks, the grape harvest in September, or go hiking, biking or donkey riding, or even snorkeling. There are many activities that allow you to gain knowledge and develop sensitivities while having fun and enriching yourself. You can discover the different activities and events among those offered in the EXPERIENCES section of our website!