The magic of summer awaits you at Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar!

Enjoy the magic of summer with our selection of entertainment - from exciting DJs, themed parties and tournaments to open-air cinema, theatre shows and delicious food. There's something for everyone at Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar! Enjoy the summer to the fullest by trying out camping like never before and celebrate with us the beauty of life!


  • Celebration of the season with 60 days of fun
  • Destination for those who love the sea, summer, music, food, and fun
  • Top-of-the-line entertainment for all ages
  • Special selection of street food delicacies with unique local flavours
  • Music nights with DJs, live concerts, and pool parties
  • Summer nights with stars and the sea: Cinema & theatre by the beach
  • Culinary experience at Amore

Open-air Summer Fun

An unforgettable summer awaits you: Time for sea, sun & fun!

Welcome to Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar's Sea & Summer Festival! This festival offers an unforgettable experience for the entire family all summer long. Relax on the beach while enjoying breathtaking sunsets, the smell of the sea, and the energy of our performers & entertainers. We guarantee a summer you won't forget!

Summer Magic

Come to the Sea & Summer Festival and make memories that last a lifetime!

Our Sea & Summer Festival at Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar is the perfect place to enjoy the best of summer. From music nights full of dance to exciting cinema & theatre shows, delicious street food delicacies to sports & family fun for all, you won’t find a better place to spend your summer! We have special events lined up to make sure you have the best time possible. So come join us and make some memories that will last a lifetime!

Music Nights

Feel the Beat of Summer with Music Nights at Premium Camping Zadar!

Experience the energy of music at Premium Camping Zadar! Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our music nights, featuring an array of musical genres for all tastes. Enjoy relaxing jazz nights with chilled out vibes and sophisticated beats, get your groove on with our rock duo and live concerts, or dance the night away with our pool partys and latino party, all while enjoying the stunning summer nights. Our music nights promise to give you a night to remember, so come join us and let the music take you away!

Fish & Grill Nights

Dive into an unforgettable night of authentic Dalmatian cuisine!

Come join us for an unforgettable night of delicious traditional street food and lively atmosphere. Experience a piece of Dalmatian culture with our Fish & Grill Night at Gradele! Enjoy a night of freshly grilled fish, cooked to perfection over a bed of glowing coals. You will be immersed in the sights, smells, and sounds of a traditional Dalmatian summer ritual. Enjoy a variety of fresh fish, served with accompaniments such as salad, potatoes, and vegetables. Delight in the unique atmosphere and watch as the stars twinkle over the sea while you savour some of the best Street Food the region has to offer.

Cinema & Theatre

Summer nights under the stars: Experience Cinema & Theatre by the sea!

Experience the atmosphere of cinema and theatre nights under the stars! Popcorn, soda, beer, and frappes are all available as you enjoy movies with the entire family. Our open-air cinema is located right next to the beach, so you can enjoy the salty sea air and the sound of the waves as you watch your favourite films. Relax in comfortable seating as you get lost in the story and feel the breeze against your skin. With the perfect blend of cinema and theatre nights, you are sure to have a night that is truly unforgettable.

Sports & Family

Sports & Family: Fun, relaxation, and bonding all in one!

Sports & Family is the perfect combination of fun and relaxation for the whole family! Enjoy the PlayStation Championship to show off your gaming skills, or relax at the Sunset Spa for family time to unwind. You can also bond with your family in a fun and competitive atmosphere with our Family Games Evenings!

Special Events

Have the perfect time for every occasion!

Premium Camping Zadar is the place to be for all your special events! Come join us for the Teen Party and kick off the start of summer with an unforgettable night of dancing, music, and fun or witness the spectacular Fire Show and be mesmerized by the beauty of the fire performance. Finally, say goodbye to summer in style with the Goodbye Summer Fest. Enjoy live music and entertainment, fun games, and delicious food. Celebrate the end of summer and have a blast at Premium Camping Zadar!