Lake & elegant evening sky in Nature park, Falkensteiner Hotels

Nature Park Vrana

The Vrana Lake is an unusual connection of land and water which offers a refuge to different species of plants and animals, offering them all the necessity for life. The lake is unique for its position and characteristics not only in Croatia but also in other parts of Europe. It is in fact a karst valley filled with brackish water and is below sea-level. Hidden in the reed, bird lovers can experience watching the birds nesting. Vrana Lake is a hot-spot with tremendous diversity of ornithic fauna of 249 recorded bird species, of which 102 nest in the park area. The birds are not the only values of the park. The lake is full of biologically important fish species. This area possesses also many other special features which are discovered on a daily basis.

  • Bird watching
  • Trekking in the Nature Park Vrana - the largest lake in Croatia
  • Sightseeing point Kamenjak with the view on the Kornati islands

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