Beautiful waterfall in National Park Krka, Falkensteiner Hotels

National Park Krka Waterfalls

At 72 kilometres in length, the Krka is the longest river in central Dalmatia and, thanks to the 20 kilometres between Knin and Skradin occupied by the Krka National Park, it is also probably the most spectacular one in Europe. The park has two different scenic routes. Tickets to the park and ethnographic museum can be bought at both the Skradin and the Lozovac entrance for 30-95 kuna per person (depending on the season). From Skradin, this price includes a half-hour boat trip, and from Lozovac it includes a shuttle train.

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The most impressive and beautiful aspect of the park is the river itself, which runs over seven large waterfalls, as well as dozens of obstructions, bottlenecks and rapids to descend 46 metres over the length of the park, revealing a new and fascinating aspect on every single one.

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