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Carinthia runs

The Wörthersee half marathon "Kärnten Läuft" is one of the most popular outdoor events in Austria, appealing to both young and old. This annual event takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Wörthersee and offers participants a unique opportunity to challenge themselves physically.

The starting point of the half marathon is directly in front of the Schlosshotel, where you can motivate and support family and friends as well as your loved ones from the very beginning. On the course, runners can expect a breathtaking view of the glittering Wörthersee, surrounded by the picturesque Alpine panorama of the Karawanken.

Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, the Wörthersee Half Marathon is a fantastic opportunity to get out in the fresh air, stay active and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this region. The route is well signposted and manned by helpful volunteers who ensure that participants can complete the run safely and comfortably.

In addition to the half marathon, shorter runs are also offered for those who prefer a less challenging route. The event is professionally organised and has many facilities for participants and spectators. After the race, runners can cool off in Lake Wörthersee and celebrate their achievement with friends and family.

You can find more spectator hotspots here: https://www.kaerntenlaeuft.at/eventinfos/zuschauer-hotspots/

Information on how to register for participation can be found here: https://www.maxfunregister.com/event/2023/karnten-lauft-2023/booking#collapse-category-9817

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