Sauna Infusions

Is there anything more pleasant than relaxing in a water and sauna world spanning 28,000 sq m? The days of a sauna experience being only about sweating are long gone. Choose from up to 16 comprehensively prepared infusions every day.

Asia Spa Leoben’s varied sauna area combined with Austria's most creative ritual infusion programme provide for ultimate relaxation. Our experienced sauna attendants can treat you to nourishing salt scrub, fruity infusions, singing bowl meditations, Gösser beer infusions, etc. each and every day.



On the schedule are relaxing, stimulating, exotic and classic infusions, which positively influence your immunity, circulation and airways - and so improve your overall well-being.
  • Caution "Hot!": For guests who do not take regular saunas. Please be aware of potential increased circulation stress.
  • Entertainment: During these infusions, entertainment and fun are integral!
  • Scrubs and cremes: gentle care for your skin and relaxation for your muscles.
  • Aromatic infusions: We have a number of essential oil scents – seasonally adjusted.
  • Relaxation: Quiet please! Infusions that reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.