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Holiday in Belgrade

The city exudes a special energy and knows no stagnation. Its diverse culture, shaped by its former border location between the East and West, is especially evident in traditional Belgrade cuisine. Grill joints, kafanas, cafes, and restaurants invite you to indulge. Belgrade also stands out for its location on the Danube and Sava rivers, as well as its many hills that offer magnificent views of the city and its sights.

Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade

Close to the city centre and with a great connection to the airport, the hotel offers modern design, comfort, excellent service and a high level of functionality. A perfect place to stay whether you're visiting the booming metropolis in the Balkans for business, a conference or a sightseeing trip.

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Like a jog before breakfast? Then Belgrade is your place as one of the cities that offer numerous running routes. Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade will provide you with a map that includes few running routes in hotel’s vicinity, a bottle water and a healthy snack. 

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Bungee Jumping

Among many other amusements for people of action, there’s a bungee jumping platform at the Ada Ciganlija island. Belgrade’s bungee center operates one of the highest cranes in the world, 55 m tall. The jump is instructed and supervised by a professional team, and the price is about € 35. Minors are allowed to jump with a parent’s permission and presence.

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What better activity for team building or stag trips than Go kart? Even though it’s not Formula 1, adrenaline levels still jump when you fight the command wheel in the curves of a good autodrome. Autokomerc is the only professional karting racing track in Belgrade.
Prices go from € 8 for 10-minute personal rentals, and from € 230 + VAT for the track with karts hourly.


Belgrade stands on the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. This precise location opens possibilities for water sports and swimming in the lakes and rivers. Whether you have experience kayaking or not you can feel the wonder of this water sport. You will move through water and see the beauty of the wildlife while exploring hidden barges, coastlines, bridges, islands, river beaches and reggae rafts.

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  • Summer

The water ski lift is a first-class tourist attraction and a must-visit sports, recreational and entertainment complex of the city of Belgrade. It is located on the Makish side of Ada Ciganlija and takes up about 50,000 square meters of water surface. This is a completely ecological project of the highest security level. The complex is open throughout the year, while the water skiing season starts from mid-April and lasts until mid-October.  Water skiing develops large groups of body muscles, which makes it an excellent sports activity for children and young people, but also for the elderly. It takes approximately 15 minutes from the hotel to get there.

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The golf complex is located in the most beautiful part of Ada Ciganlija, which is only 4 km away from the center of Belgrade. Its size extends to 16 hectars and the golf course has 9 holes which meet strict world class standards. The terrain is extremely interesting and requires maximum concentration and precision.

The golf practice site is a must-see of every golf complex, equally important for those who make their first steps in golf, as well as for more experienced golf players. In order to practice situations which can be encountered in the golf course, the practice site includes:

  • 180-meters shooting range space
  • Two putting greens
  • Chipping green with a sandy obstacle and pitching green
  • Three sandy obstacles, i.e. bunkers
  • A small golf course on which a golf academy is organized

Local Attractions

The National Museum in Belgrade near Falkensteiner Hotels


The National Museum was founded by a decree of the Minister of Education Jovan Sterija Popovic on May 10, 1844 as Serbian Museum (Muzeum serbski) whose purpose was to collect antiquities in one place and to safeguard them for posterity. 

The last few decades, the rich exhibiting and publishing activity as well as the diverse programmes for the public with new technologies in a prominent place, confirmed that the National Museum is an important center of communication and source of knowledge, an open, dynamic and accessible museum.

New permanent collection of the National museum represents huge chronological period from Paleolithic period to 20 th century art. Collection is organized and presented on three levels and 5000sqm of exhibition space. Carefully selected artefacts will tell their stories about history and arts.

Who is it aimed at?
Couples, friends, family, groups

By public transportation, by taxi

Good to know
Entrance is free of charge on Sundays
The Museum is closed on Mondays.

Kalemegdan Fortress near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Kalemegdan Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress forms the historical core of the Serbian capital and serves as a symbol of Belgrade's origins. Its history is characterized by numerous conflicts and conquests between the great powers of the Habsburg monarchy and the Ottoman Empire in the Ottoman Wars. Today, however, it is a huge park overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube, undoubtedly the city’s most romantic spot.

Who is it aimed at?
Couples, friends, family, groups

By car

Good to know
It also houses the Military Museum and a number of galleries, not to mention some of the city’s most recognisable monuments.