Red Bull Race Track

Paradise for Motor Sports Fans

Race a sports car or motorcycle on a modern track, take part in driver training in the Driving Centre, ride an Enduro or trial bike across heavy terrain, or put your driving skills to the test in an SUV or off-road vehicle – and all in one day?

You and your friends can choose from a selection of sports cars and motorbikes from the fleet, and listen as renowned driving coaches let you in on the secrets of car control. This is a unique and unforgettable experience.


Driving Experiences


Car on-road

Drifting or a trip around the race track. Start to hone your technique by gaining initial experience of driving dynamics and vehicle control.

  • Drift 1: See the track from a different perspective as you drift your way around the infield section of the Red Bull Ring.
  • Drift 2: KTM X-Bow experience. Enjoy a day driving at the limit, and sharpen your mind and reflexes as you drift.
  • Drift 3: Your motto for two days is “sideways is better”.
  • Track 1: We teach you the basics on the infield section of the Red Bull Ring.
  • Track 2: Express your emotions to the full and experience a day with like-minded people on the Red Bull Ring racetrack in Austria.
  • Track 3: Racing fun2
  • Track 4: With professional tuition from our experienced motorsport instructors and the Red Bull Ring vehicle fleet.


Motor Bike on-road

We offer a variety of programmes on the newly created infrastructure at the Red Bull Ring.

  • Bike 1: Familiarise yourself with a variety of techniques and manoeuvres.
  • Bike 2: Find your current limit and start to feel the limit of your motorbike.
  • Bike 3: Learn riding techniques which allow you to explore a different side to your bike
  • Bike 4: Riding full throttle without fear of the radar gun provides an insight into your motorbike’s performance, and promotes understanding between man and machine.


Motor Bike off-road

A course integrated into natural surroundings is perfect for trial riders and Enduro racers, from beginners through to professional riders. Our experienced instructors are on hand with helpful advice that you can put into practice to perfect your technique.


Car off-road

  • Off-road 1: Our synthetic modules enable you to gain an insight into off-road sports
  • Off-road 2: Our off-road experts guide you through an entire day at our external off-road area