To us, family is more than just a word: it’s a value.

A value everyone can relate to. Something deep. Something close. Something formative and important. Something warm and genuine. Something without which we wouldn't be who we are. Something without which we wouldn't exist. Family is what we make out of this value. It is what we live by and how we live – and how we shape life with our loved ones.

That's why commitment to family as a value is a wonderful challenge for a hotel group, but also a significant one. We – Falkensteiner Hotels – are happy to take up this challenge, when we invite you to spend the most beautiful and important time of the year with us: your family holiday in a family hotel – with your family, the most important people in the world.

Because Falkensteiner Family Hotels are more than first-class accommodations for a perfect family holiday in a perfect environment: Yes, the room design and interiors, the cuisine and entertainment areas, the comprehensive Falky childcare concept and a unique, customised Falky Land in every family hotel are what define us as a family hotel, make us stand out and win awards again and again. 

But at Falkensteiner, family means more: for us, family also stands for responsibility. 

•    Responsibility for children who have been less fortunate than we have, but who are nonetheless entitled to holidays and relaxation. 
•    Responsibility for employees who have families themselves and who must not be worn out and drained as a result of this double or multiple burden.
•    Responsibility for resources – no matter whether power, food or water. 

We mean all of this when we say "family": because family is more than a word – it is a value. A value that we at Falkensteiner proudly live by when we welcome you with our slogan: "Welcome Home!"

Viel Platz für Familien & Kinder
Herumtoben nach Herzenslust!