Explore the ISland

Along with sunshine and idyllic beaches, Sardinia also has plenty of cultural, scenic and culinary delights in store.

Discover Sardinia through excursions and leisure activities organised by our partner F.A. Travel DMC. Many of the half-day excursions listed below can be combined with other F.A. Travel tours. More detailed information is available here.

Combine sport with nature. Duration: approx. 4 hours / optional 8 hours. Guide + equipment included.

Enjoy regional cheese and wine specialities while herdsmen let you into the secret of how to make and store sheep’s cheese. Duration: approx. 4 hours. Product tasting, lunch and drinks included.

Team sport experience. Duration: 4 or 8 hours. Sail alone or in a regatta. Selection of traditional boats, sailing boats and rubber dinghies. Snacks, apéritif, and lunch on board included.

Find out more about the region and its people while enjoying some regional delicacies. Prepare to be amazed as we stage a traditional village fête with music and dance. Tasting directly from the producers: olive oil, wine, bread, salami, and cheese. Duration: approx. 4 hours. Transfer and product tasting included.

Visit the approx. 800 - 900 BC Roman and Phoenician city of Nora. Duration: approx. 4 or 8 hours. Return transfer from hotel, admission and guided tour included.  8-hour trip: includes snack, lunch, wine tasting and regional product tasting.

Unlike the Nordic combined winter sport, you certainly won’t catch a chill during the “Southern combined”! Outdoor sports on water and land. Duration: approx. 4 hours. Includes transfers, 1 water activity, and 1 land-based activity.

Includes transfer, guided tour, basic tour bus, snacks + lunch or evening meal.

Duration: approx. 4 hours. Optional + wine tasting

Enjoy a nostalgic train ride through Sardinia’s diverse landscape. Duration: approx. 6 hours. Transfer and tasting + visit to Manda village included.

Sightseeing tour of the town which was founded by 19th century Genoese fishermen. Duration: approx. 8 hours. Transfer, guided tour and lunch included.

Taste regional specialities including olive oil, bread, cheese, salami and ham.

A journey of discovery into the ancient culture of the Nuraghi. Impressive stone fortress (1800 BC – 750 AC). Duration: approx. 8 hours. Transfer, admission, guided tour, lunch + drinks included.

Guided Jeep safari including driver. Duration: approx. 4 hours.


Please note that our partner F.A. Travel DMC arranges these excursions for our guests. F.A. Travel DMC bears sole responsibility for the schedule, the accuracy of the information relating to excursions, the terms and conditions, and any liability arising therefrom.