Excursion Ideas

the Island's Top Highlights

Sardinia is often described as a Mediterranean paradise. With its fine white sand beaches, the rough charm of its mountain villages, untouched landscapes with sheep and goat pastures, gorges, mountains and relics of various eras. Sardinia is full of contrasts and diversity. These are some of the top highlights that we think are must-sees.

The best-preserved of the approximately 7,000 Nuragi sites on the island. Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1997.

The archipelago between Corsica and Sardinia, consisting of seven main islands, is a UNESCO world heritage site. Enjoy its fantastic landscape: steep rocky walls, deep gorges and emerald-green waters.  Ferries set sail several times a day from Palau: www.delcomar.it

​A six-kilometre long coastline with its eponymous tower. It's close to the archaeological site of the Punic city of Nora. 

​The deepest gorge of Sardinia and one of the deepest in all of Europe. Hike through the land of centenarians in the midst of untamed nature. Legend has it that Ogliastra is a magical part of the Earth. Anyone who has the chance to visit is promised a long life in return. 

Two cities worth seeing are Alghero and Bosa on the northwest coast of Sardinia. In Alghero, you will find traces of its Catalan past as you saunter through the wonderful old town. Check out its beautiful beaches as well. The smaller town of Bosa is approximately fifty kilometres from Alghero on the river Temo. The ruin of the Castello Malaspina rises up over the enchanting old town. Worth seeing: The Church of San Pietro Extramuros.

A grotto consecrated to Neptune in Alghero It’s accessible by boat or via a stairway of 600 steps, and has breathtaking views over the coast and the sea. 


Mamoiada and Orgosolo are two traditional villages in the heart of Barbagia. Orgosolo is known for its approximately 150 murals, the murales. Mamoiada, on the other hand, is known for its unique carnival masks. They can be admired together with many other masks from the Mediterranean region in the local Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee.

A small, quiet town with beautiful beaches, charming narrow streets and its own dialect.


The landmark of the city is the vibrant bastion in the old town of Cagliari. From the Umberto I Terrace, you have spectacular shows of the city and the harbour. 


A picturesque medieval town. From the height of the Castello dei Doria, which overhangs the city, you have a marvellous panoramic view of the Gulf of Asinara.