Experience Sardinia

Sardinia is easy to explore by car or by hired car. The coastal areas and interior are both worth seeing. The Sardinian population lived for thousands of years in isolation in the mountains, and legend has it that entire regions never realised that they were living on an island until relatively recently. The coastal regions have naturally been exposed to many cultures, thanks to sea travel. Up until today, the inner island has preserved its untamed nature, while tourism sprawls across the beaches and introduces the trappings of globalised modern lifestyles. 

Sports & Beach

Regarding sports, Capo Boi offers even more than you can fit into a single holiday. It’s not only a great place to go Scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming, it’s the ideal place to learn it too. Sailing, stand up paddling or boating (in some cases also without a license) are further options enriching your holiday experience.

On land you will find tennis and beach volleyball courts at the hotel grounds of Capo Boi as well as small soccer field, an archery range and the possibility to participate in joint activities such as Nordic walking, running and all kinds of coached personal training with our sports team. Massages at the Acquapura SPA as well as yoga and Pilates lessons complete the offer.

Within a few minutes walking distance from the Falkensteiner Premium Family Resort lies a well maintained golf course. A small but mighty putting training course can nevertheless also be found at the hotel premises: right behind the chef’s herb garden.

The area surrounding Capo Boi is breathtakingly beautiful. Numerous paths lead along the cliffs and up the hills from where you get to enjoy the most spectacular views on the sea and the countryside. Surely, the terrain definitely is demanding, but no matter if you’re trail running, Nordic Walking or hiking, you will be rewarded with a memorable panoramic view on the top.

Cycling at the South coast of Sardinia? Definitely any cyclist’s dream coming true. Spectacular streets and serpentines up hill and down dale let any bike fanatic’s heart skip a beat. Even the “Giro d‘ Italia“ passed this iconic scenery on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. Nevertheless, these demanding routes are mostly reserved for (professional) racing cyclists seeking the exertion. If you are among this group of sportsmen you will hardly find more beautiful tracks than here in the South of Sardinia.

However appealing and effortless it might look on images, the area is however not suitable for the average cyclist or even family bike tours with children.

Cinema beneath the stars

Twice a week it’s movie time at Capo Boi. Of course open air: in beach chairs, hammocks, „Fat Boys“ and all kinds of other cosy furniture.

In our family cinema, we’ll alternately be showing „Shrek“ and „The Incredibles“ every Monday evening.

Every Thursday is furthermore cinema evening for all couples and lovebirds. We’ll alternate between action and romantic blockbusters every other week and bring „Top Gun“ and „Pretty Woman“ to you. Rewatching those classics is an experience every time anew!


Sardinian Nights

Saturday night is reserved for island vibes: already with the aperitif you’ll get to know the diverse cuisine of Sardinia, even with a little explanatory introduction if you wish.

At the same time, cultural performances will accompany your dinner at the hotel terrace and the local Sardinian market is the perfect opportunity to shop for little gifts and souvenirs.



Even with regards to all its beauty, we have to admit: Sardinia is more than Capo Boi – and those who spend their summer vacation here should also grab the opportunity to get to know the country and its people.

With our concierge Elisa Argiolas we have won a true local who knows the region like no other and can give you all information – both the official as well as insider tips. With her you can book guided multiple-day jeep tours off the beaten track to the heart of the island just like the comfortable alternative in a fully air-conditioned VIP Bus along the coast. Or simply take a rental car with which you can explore the region (with the advice of our expert) on your own.

Among the highlights are definitely a visit of the picturesque historical old town of Cagliari. Here you will find everything to complete your perfect holiday: from old Palazzi and medieval lanes, to high-end boutiques, clubs and trending gourmet restaurants.

Also Villasimius, the neighboring village of Capo Boi, is worth a visit. Besides its yacht harbour, the town features typically Italian scenes and cafés. Plenty of restaurants which pamper you with the excellent local cuisine as well as numerous shopping possibilities await you too.

Of course there is also the possibility to enjoy wine tasting at a local winery. At a „Spirits Tastings“ you will be explained Sardinia’s different tastes and flavors – and of course you get to try them too!

The same also holds true for all the other local products: from sausages and cheese to bread and olives – Sardinia will astound you with its variety of culinary highlights.

On a side note: also airport shuttles can be booked via the concierge desk, just like boat tours. No matter if you “only” want to go to a remote bay or small island with empty sandy beaches by motorboat or would like to book a tour of multiple days with a large scale sailing yacht. Or, upon your wish, we can also organize a day spent on the sea with local fisherman for you. Only few things are impossible and that is exactly what the Capo Boi Experience is all about.



  • Botanical garden
  • Castello: An old town set on a hill, protected by towers and gates + the Casteddu artists’ quarter
  • Cathedrals: The Baroque cathedral with elements stemming from different eras 
  • The National Museum: comprehensive prehistoric and ancient collections. Pinakothek with Sardinian paintings as well as a space devoted to the Nuragic Period 
  • San Saturnino: the oldest church on the island 
  • Santa Maria di Bonaria: The much-visited baroque pilgrimage church with a unique staircase, set on a hill. It houses the Madonna image that supposedly was seen running around the area in 1370. Since then, Santa Maria di Bonaria has been the patroness of Sardinia (and for sailors and fishermen)


Nestled in the midst of the picturesque settings of the Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is a hotspot and home for the jet-set crowd and their yachts. If you stroll along the shopping mile “Passeggiata”, you're certain to see Russian oligarchs, Flavio Briatore or other celebrities. For the past few years, the shopping centre “Promenade du Port” has also existed above the old port. Numerous restaurants and bars invite you to linger and enjoy the sophisticated, glamorous ambience of Porto Cervo.