Acquapura Tips


We only feel energetic and healthy if our cells have the best possible supply of water, nutrients, and oxygen. Our physical performance is also controlled by our so-called biorhythm.

The Biorhythm is our inner clock that determines whether we are awake or asleep, tired or active. Our wellness treatments are adjusted to these natural processes, and can help you find your biorhythm.


Hamam “Antholz Style” (for two persons)
A wonderful wellness experience. It allows you to enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the fullest.

Antholz Spa basic packages

  • Mountain air: classic partial body massage and body wrap (both according to preference) for hikers and physically active people.
  • Alm break: Peeling and classic partial body massage (both according to preference) for very stressed guests in need of a relaxing break.
  • Sea breeze: Peeling and body wrap (both according to preference) for wallowers who want to immerse themselves in a weightless and fresh body sensation.

Mountain peat wrap in a warm suspended tub
Relieves pain of all types while relaxing the spine.