The demands of everyday life make us forget that our biorhythm is susceptible to ups and downs in nature. The effects of that are stress, fatigue and depression. We encourage you to find your rhythmic balance and thereby rediscover yourself. Offering a wide variety of massages and face and body treatments we will be glad to assist you in creating your individual well-being programme.


In order to guarantee that you get all the treatments you want at the time that is perfect for you, we recommend booking in good time and before arrival. Our Acquapura SPA team will be happy to provide you with information and advice and find you an appointment.


If you book your stay via one of the official Falkensteiner booking channels (Falkensteiner website, an official Falkensteiner call centre or directly at a Falkensteiner hotel), you will be rewarded with a 20% discount on all spa treatments during your stay. Discover all the direct booking benefits.


SPA Treatments
daily 8.00 am to 10.00 pm

SPA Reception
daily 7.00 am to 10.00 pm 


Spa Partner

PHYTOMER Beauty by the sea – the benefits of the sea combined with unique biotechnology. PHYTOMER decodes the power of natural marine active agents and uses micro-organisms to develop modern and innovative active ingredients. This new high-tech biochemistry paves the way for effectiveness and efficiency while also respecting the environment.

  • Acquapura Aroma - Individual Massages
    Partial body massage 30 mins. | Full body massage 50 mins.
    Following your individual sense of well-being, you start by choosing a suitable aromatic oil. Various massage techniques will then relieve your tensions.
  • Energy Source - Foot Massage 30 mins.
    Your feet know what you have been up to! Stimulation of foot reflex zones treats the whole body. Tired feet become warm and fit again.
  • Welcome Home - Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage 30 min
    Give your stiff neck and tight shoulders a break – you’ll feel better all over.
Body Treatments, Peelings & Wraps
  • Final touch peeling 20 min 
    Nutritious body peeling with sea salt removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and tightens the skin.
  • City break piling and pack 50 min
    This treatment will provide you with a feeling of maximum freshness and cleanliness!
  • Mineral mud detox treatment 40 min. / 60 min.
    Helps to relax tense muscles, improve circulation and soothe the nervous system.
Beauty Treatments
  • Deep moisturizing treatment 60 min
    Special treatment for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Lift & Glow - gloss and tension treatment 60 min
    The effects and results of this treatment are instantly visible. 
  • Treatment for dark and swollen eye area 25 min
    An anti-stress treatment based on ginkgo biloba, specially created for the eyes area.
Signature Treatments
  • Acquapura Anti-Stress full body massage 50 min
    Awaken your senses with this body treatment that comprises a massage with anti-stress oil and deep relaxing manual therapy for your neck and shoulders, as well as a leg massage.
  • Acquapura deep tissue massage 50 min
    This deep massage will ease the tension in stiff neck and upper back, relieve low back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders.
  • Volcanic stones massage 50 min
    Volcanic stones from the steaming center of the earth can provide you with a feeling of pure bliss.