Spa Pool at Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa Bad Leoben

Pools, Sauna & Fitness

Asia Spa Pools

Enjoy a variety of pools, customized for everyone’s needs.

  • Indoor swimming pool with a 25-m sports pool (approx. 27°C, 300 sq m) and areas for lying down
  • Adventure pool (approx. 32°C, 180 sq m) with whirlpool couch, whirlpool and flow channel
  • Instruction swimming pool (approx. 32°C, 50 sq m)
  • Toddler's paddling pool (approx. 32°C, 30 sq m) with various water features
  • Gallery with relaxation areas
  • Slide tower with giant slide (100 m) and turbo slide
  • 2 outdoor pools (approx. 24°C, 50 m, 25 m) with water slide
  • Large sun-bathing lawn with 2 beach volleyball courts and children's playground
Early swimming

Tuesday to Friday: from 6.00 am to 8.00 a.m. (excl. holidays)


The Asia Spa offers a varied infusion programme with a spacious pool area, consisting of indoor and outdoor zone. Please note that the sauna area is an adults only zone – from 16 years.  

Indoor Sauna area

  • Finnish Sauna - Erzberg-Stollen: 80 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – Wednesday is ladies‘ day
  • Aromatic steam bath: 40 °C Temperature/ 60% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – relaxation and cleansing for skin and respiratory system, circulation, helps with joint pain
  • Tepidarium: 45 °C Temperature/ 20% Humidity/ 25 Min. recommended duration – 5-element sauna, gentle on the cardiovascular system
  • Herbal sauna: 55 °C Temperature/ 40% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – the gentle sauna experience - purification through gentle sweating
  • Infrared cabins: 45 °C Temperature/ 20% Humidity/ 40 Min. recommended duration – pleasant warmth, good for metabolism, gentle on heart and circulation


  • Lotus-blossom pool
  • Relaxation pool
  • Plunge pool
  • Kneipp pool
  • Warming foot bath

Relaxation gallery and fireside lounge to relax

Oudoor Sauna area

  • Loft sauna: 90 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – classic infusion sauna with several levels
  • Tea house sauna: 95 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – classic infusion sauna with several lounging levels in the style of a Japanese tea house
  • Plunge pool and brine bath for refreshening and relaxation
  • Relaxation garden with sun terrace
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Barefoot path to stimulate your senses – a brilliant foot massage

The programme at a  glance

  • „Caution hot“ – much water, woody flavors
  • „Relaxation“ – calming aromas               
  • „Gentle skin care“ – body peels/ -cremes get more effective thanks to the warmth
  • „Fragrance journey“ – the different fragrances – incresing in intensity
  • „Flavor“ – classical infusion with fragrances according to the season
Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm


Enjoy our 24/7 opened fitness area, exclusively opened to our hotel guests.