Spa Indoor Pool at falkensteiner hotel leoben


Asian Relax

Enjoy the fusion of Far Eastern and European architecture and lifestyle in the Asia Spa Leoben. The combination of pools and relaxation paradise makes this place something special. Relaxation-seeking guests enjoy the peace and quiet in the sauna world and relax with one of the most creative infusion programs in Austria. You can reach the Asia Spa via our underground connecting passage from the hotel.

Spa or thermal bath
The Asia Spa is not a thermal bath. The water in the pools of the Asia Spas Leoben is not of thermal origin, but springs from spring water in the Hochschwab massif. According to the law on medicinal products and health resorts in Styria, the term thermal baths are protected and may only be used if mineralized water has an outlet temperature of at least 20 degrees Celsius.

The Element of water
The spring water in the basins of the Asia Spas Leoben comes from the mountain range at a temperature of 6-10 ° C. The water is therefore too cool to be called a thermal bath and is heated up to 34 ° C using district heating. The biggest difference between the Asia Spa Leoben and a thermal bath lies in the original outlet temperature of the water.


Sports & Relaxation

Pools, Sauna & Fitness

Asia Spa Pools

Enjoy a variety of pools, customized for everyone’s needs.

  • Indoor swimming pool with a 25-m sports pool (approx. 27°C, 300 sq m) and areas for lying down
  • Adventure pool (approx. 32°C, 180 sq m) with whirlpool couch, whirlpool and flow channel
  • Instruction swimming pool (approx. 32°C, 50 sq m)
  • Toddler's paddling pool (approx. 32°C, 30 sq m) with various water features
  • Gallery with relaxation areas
  • Slide tower with giant slide (100 m) and turbo slide
  • 2 outdoor pools (approx. 24°C, 50 m, 25 m) with water slide
  • Large sun-bathing lawn with 2 beach volleyball courts and children's playground
Early swimming

Tuesday to Friday: from 6.00 am to 8.00 a.m. (excl. holidays)


The Asia Spa offers a varied infusion programme with a spacious pool area, consisting of indoor and outdoor zone. Please note that the sauna area is an adults only zone – from 16 years.  

Indoor Sauna area

  • Finnish Sauna - Erzberg-Stollen: 80 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – Wednesday is ladies‘ day
  • Aromatic steam bath: 40 °C Temperature/ 60% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – relaxation and cleansing for skin and respiratory system, circulation, helps with joint pain
  • Tepidarium: 45 °C Temperature/ 20% Humidity/ 25 Min. recommended duration – 5-element sauna, gentle on the cardiovascular system
  • Herbal sauna: 55 °C Temperature/ 40% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – the gentle sauna experience - purification through gentle sweating
  • Infrared cabins: 45 °C Temperature/ 20% Humidity/ 40 Min. recommended duration – pleasant warmth, good for metabolism, gentle on heart and circulation


  • Lotus-blossom pool
  • Relaxation pool
  • Plunge pool
  • Kneipp pool
  • Warming foot bath

Relaxation gallery and fireside lounge to relax

Oudoor Sauna area

  • Loft sauna: 90 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – classic infusion sauna with several levels
  • Tea house sauna: 95 °C Temperature/ 30% Humidity/ 15 Min. recommended duration – classic infusion sauna with several lounging levels in the style of a Japanese tea house
  • Plunge pool and brine bath for refreshening and relaxation
  • Relaxation garden with sun terrace
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Barefoot path to stimulate your senses – a brilliant foot massage

The programme at a  glance

  • „Caution hot“ – much water, woody flavors
  • „Relaxation“ – calming aromas               
  • „Gentle skin care“ – body peels/ -cremes get more effective thanks to the warmth
  • „Fragrance journey“ – the different fragrances – incresing in intensity
  • „Flavor“ – classical infusion with fragrances according to the season
Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm


Enjoy our 24/7 opened fitness area, exclusively opened to our hotel guests.

Spa Treatments

Releasing tensions, doing something good for the body, and building up energy is the main focus of applications in the wellness and cosmetics sector. The wellness offer ranges from special Asian treatments such as Shiatsu or Nuad Thai to classic wellness treatments.