Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana Attractions Sunset Over The Sea


Hideaway for You & Me

Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana has everything that makes the Mediterranean special and magical in one place. The colours, the fragrances, the cool shade of tall pine trees, the crystal-clear blue sea, the lush green garden, the charming white parasols and table cloths, and the main building that resembles a classical private villa hidden from view in a secret little piece of heaven.

Since the hotel is only 50 m away from the beach, you can go for long walks in both directions along the seashore. In the evening, you can sit by the beach and enjoy some of the most impressive sunsets in the Adriatic before heading back to the hotel for your evening meal.

And best of all, while Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana is first and foremost a tranquil hotel for recharging your batteries, the city of Zadar is only a short taxi ride away for everyone eager to explore the historic Old Town, its rich culture, history, and architecture, not to mention other options for adventurers and nature lovers right around the corner… 


The historic Zadar Old Town is located just 3.5 Km from the resort Borik. One of the most storied cities in Croatia, Zadar played a vital role during the Crusades. Today, numerous Venetian ruins, such as the several Venetian gates in the city walls, serve as silent reminders of the city’s rich history. 

The Old Town is located entirely on a relatively small peninsula, which is brimming with architectural and historical marvels.

For a breathtaking view of the city, you absolutely must climb the bell tower of Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral, famous for its rose windows and the stone sarcophagus containing the saint’s relics.

City of visionaries

In spite of its strong links to the past, Zadar is still a city of artists and visionaries looking to the future. Two landmarks designed by Nikola Bašić have transformed the city’s seaside promenade, becoming arguably the city’s most famous attractions.

You can listen to the music produced by the sea as you marvel at the unique Sea Organ or you can let your eyes feast on the spectacle of the newer Greeting to the Sun.