The Falkensteiners’ ancestral home

Our ancestors, our family and above all our employees are the soul of our business. You open the hearts of our guests with your open-minded and cordial manner, your commitment and your smile.

Family History

The Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido is the parent business and as a result boasts an impressive family history. It all began a good 60 years ago here in Val Pusteria, when Maria and Josef Falkensteiner opened a small guest house in 1957. At that time, nobody could have guessed that over time this would develop into one of the most successful family-run holiday hotel groups in Central Europe. And in this way the Falkensteiner Hotels have continued to develop in a future-oriented manner always taking into consideration the needs of their guests.

Erich Falkensteiner

“The particular challenge in redesigning and renovating the Family Resort Lido is not just to create a place that feels like home. This time we have set ourselves even higher goals. This time it's about the wow factor, about creating an exceptional sense of happiness amongst our guests. About unforgettable moments together for young and old.”