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Explore the Sea

Experience the vibrant and fascinating world beneath the surface of the stunningly clear waters off the Dalmatian coast when you go diving. Uncover the myriad of colours and wonders of the sea and cruise along the coast and explore the islands of the Zadar archipelago on a yacht or sailboat. Visitdalmatia.com has all the information you need to plan your adventure.

Kayaking in Novigrad is another incredible experience! Paddling through the brackish waters of the Adriatic Sea and river Zrmanja, you'll be able to spot turtles, fish, and birds. Even better, with the help of a kiteboarding/kitesurfing school, you can get an extra adrenaline rush while learning to kitesurf in the sandy lagoons surrounding Nin, one of the best kiteboarding spots in Croatia. The courses are held in cooperation with the VDWS International Kite School Organisation, giving you the opportunity to get an International License for kitesurfing. Head to Novigrad for an amazing kayaking and kitesurfing experience!