Hike to the earth pyramids near Falkensteiner Hotels

Earth Pyramids

The origin of the Tern earth pyramids probably dates back to the year 1837. Following a violent storm, the river Tern carried away 3 houses, 16 mills, 13 crushers, a forge, and a sawmill. 13 people died. It is likely at that time that the slope began to break up. In the decades that followed, erosion affected two different masses of rubble differently: the material interspersed with stone blocks formed the classic earth pyramids, whereas the material containing hardly any stones, only formed ridges and burrs.

Who is it aimed at?
Couples, friends, families

Car or bus

Good to know
Starting point: Terenten town centre. Allow about 40 minutes for the way there, with a 230m altitude difference.

How are you moving around?

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