Best Price Guarantee

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  1. Make a confirmed reservation through one of the following official Falkensteiner booking channels (our Falkensteiner homepage, any official Falkensteiner call centre or directly at a Falkensteiner hotel) 
  2. If you find a qualifying lower price for the same accommodation within 24 hours after making your reservation, and if we verify your claim, we will immediately match the lower price. If that lower price is a publically available rate we add the spirit club discount (up to 10%) on top (not valid for closed consumer group pricing that are available in our spirit club specials.)

The confirmed reservation is done via one of following official Falkensteiner booking channels:

A qualified lower price is a lower price you find on a third party booking channel either before making a reservation or within 24 hours after your booking. Criteria for this is that the booked rate/package through an official Falkensteiner booking channel has the same conditions as booked via third party and needs to be viewable by anyone prior to booking and bookable by anyone.

The best price guarantee is not valid if the claim is for either a different room type, a different hotel, different included services (board, additional services, etc.), for different a period, a different length of stay, a different number of adults and/or children, or have different restrictions and policies, terms or conditions for the reservation.

Following rates are excluded for the BPG:
  • Charges in currency exchange rates other than EUR
  • Group and corporate/negotiated rates
  • Price via auction or similar process
  • Conference and seminar rates
  • Specific promotional offers granting an additional discount after the booking is made (i.e. promotional codes supplied further to the registration in a newsletter)
  • Coupon or other promotions
  • Member-only rates from loyalty programmes
  • Rates granted to partners and their employees
  • Specials - not public rates
  • Rates granted and bookable by/through FMTG employees
  • Rates with failures, errors, or technical difficulties on the website when the reservation is made.
  • Please submit the complete Falkensteiner claim form within 24 hours after you make your confirmed reservation. The name on the claim form must match the name on the confirmed reservation for each room. Only one claim may be submitted for each confirmed reservation. You will receive an e-mail confirmation or phone call within 24 hours after our receipt of your claim during workdays to confirm receipt of your claim. Weekend claims will be confirmed within 24 hours from Monday 8AM. 
  • Consider our working hours from Monday until Friday, 8 am until 5 pm.
  • Claims are accepted or denied within 48 hours after receipt of the claim, but only if the booking is made more than 4 days prior to arrival and if the difference in price is equal to or above 2 Euro.
  • For the validation, the same offer must be available for booking at a qualifying lower price in the local currency of the hotel. Price comparison will be made net of taxes, gratuities, service charges or other fees and will exclude changes in currency exchange rates.
  • Verified claims are matched to the qualifying lower price. If that lower price is a publically available rate we add, after registration if the client is not a member yet, the spirit club discount (up to 10%) on top (not valid for closed consumer group pricing that are available in our spirit club specials.)
  • By sending the new e-mail confirmation, the room price change is effective.
  • Falkensteiner is not taking over third party service, cancellation or other feeds associated with the reservation.
  • Claims may be denied if the difference between the price booked through a Falkensteiner channel and the qualifying lower price is less than 2 Euro. A claim may be invalidated if you make any changes to the reservation after the claim is submitted and approved.
  • If a claim for a direct booking has made within 48 hours after booking, but was ultimately denied by Falkensteiner, the guest may use the option to cancel the reservation free of charge.