A boat sailing across the sea near Falkensteiner Hotels

Holiday in Kvarner

The Croatian Kvarner Bay on the upper Adriatic is home to small islands and beautiful harbor towns along the coast, which have long been known as popular vacation spots. More than two thousand hours of sunshine per year favor a pleasant Mediterranean climate and make discovering the picturesque little towns and historic old cities all the more beautiful. Above all, the warm temperatures are ideal for extensive bathing vacations at the crystal clear sea. Whether it is relaxing moments of tranquility, shared experiences with the whole family or sporty and active leisure activities - the wide range of possibilities to spend an unforgettable vacation make Kvarner a valued destination for young and old.

Holiday in Kvarner

The Kvarner Bay on the upper Adriatic Sea includes several Croatian towns between Rijeka and the Istrian peninsula. Mild climate, rich vegetation and beautiful riviers with stately villas - besides olive groves, rosemary and lavender, the lush nature offers hiking trails with panoramic views and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see.

In a comparatively small area you will find the turquoise sea, small islands and mountainous hill country. Thus, on the same day, vacationers can take a boat ride, snorkel and cool off in the shade of the dense forests. In winter it is even possible to go skiing here with a view of the sea and then relax in the heated hotel pool - a unique experience. The islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab and their archipelago have particularly beautiful coasts, the sight of which will make you dream. Inland, the Gorski Kotar region is a green, wooded area that exudes its own beauty.

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Take a deep breath, let the Mediterranean climate take hold of you and fully arrive. Anyone who takes a vacation on an island must know: here the clocks run a little slower. Take the hustle and bustle out of everyday life and instead let the deceleration of island life take over - this way you can completely immerse yourself in the local specialties, new places, smells and the unique flair of Croatia. 

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A couple on a mountain bike riding near Falkensteiner Hotels

Cycling And Mountain Biking

The island of Krk is an ideal region for sport enthusiasts and biking fans, with the infrastructure constantly being improved.

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A lady on a natural running track near Falkensteiner Hotels

Running by the Coast

With six Falky running routes which connect two towns and allow a panoramic view of the most beautiful sunsets.

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Scuba diver diving in the ocean near Falkensteiner Hotels

Diving on Krk

Find out more about the many underwater activities and natural wonders in and around Krk. 

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Boats at KRK island for night fishing near Falkensteiner Hotels

Night fishing on the island of Krk

Breathtaking coastal landscapes and a fantastic sunset – experience a unique evening while night fishing on the island of Krk.

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A bunch of grape vine at Falkensteiner Hotels

Wine tasting in Vrbnik

The guided tour through the historic quarter of Vrbnik stops at three of the most famous family-run wineries in the municipality.

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Bird's-eye view of a cruise boat near Falkensteiner Hotels

Island Cruise

Sail along Krk's beautiful coast and discover the surrounding islands along the way.

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Aquarium tunnel of a aquarium near Falkensteiner Hotels

Aquarium/Terrarium Krk

Aquarium Krk accommodates numerous species of fish from the waters of Croatia and the rest of the world.

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Man jet skiing on the sea near Falkensteiner Hotels

Jet skiing

Churning up the sea with a jet ski off the coast delivers a good dose of fun and action when vacationing on the island of Krk.

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Tourists engaged on parasailing near Falkensteiner Hotels


Parasailing is the best combination of wind and sea. The way there? A walk of discovery along the coast.

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Tourinst kayaking on the stream near Falkensteiner Hotels


The island of Krk's coast entices you to go kayaking, for example to the island of St. Marko. Guided tours are available.

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Quad bikes at the adventure park near Falkensteiner Hotels

Quad rental

The wind in your hair and the sun on your face. With a quad bike rental, you can explore the island all by yourself.

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Man ziplining with free hands near Falkensteiner Hotels

Zipline Edison

With the Zipline Edison, you can travel from one treetop to the next and enjoy great views.

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Close-up of a starfish in aquarium near Falkensteiner Hotels

Underwater Park in Punat

Walking on the ocean floor? Punat Underwater Park shows what Croatia's underwater world has to offer!

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A rafting group on a rough stream near Falkensteiner Hotels


The Croatian rivers of Kupa and Kurana are nearby and are perfect for rafting.

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Man captured wakeboarding near Falkensteiner Hotels

Wakeboard Cable Krk

The on-trend sport of wakeboarding is even more fun in Croatia's turquoise blue waters.

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Man windsurfing near Falkensteiner Hotels


The bay in front of the fishing village of Baska is surrounded by rocks and is ideal for windsurfing when the wind is right.

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Woman rock-climbing near Falkensteiner Hotels

Climbing near Baska

Croatia's largest island, with its rocky bays and the turquoise sea, is a real paradise for climbing.

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Local Attractions

Aerial view of Kosljun Island near Falkensteiner Hotel Punat

Košljun Island

Košljun is located right off the coast of Krk and, aside from its gorgeous landscape, also boasts a Franciscan monastery and a museum.

Sun rays hit the roofs of buildings, Krk, Falkensteiner Hotels

City Of Krk

The city, which is over 2,000 years old, is the cultural, tourist and educational hub of the island of Krk

A walkway between flats in Vrbnik near Falkensteiner Hotels


The well-known Croatian town of Vrbnik is located on cliffs 50 m above sea level. Great views are guaranteed.

Panoramic View of Malinska near Falkensteiner Hotels


Malinska or "the pearl in Kvarner Bay's string of islands" stands out thanks to its unique charm and flair.

A rock in Baska Sea on a sunny day near Falkensteiner Hotels


A large sandy beach, crystal clear waters and a great mountain panorama – Baska has this and so much more to offer.

National Park Plitvice Lakes aerial view, Falkensteiner Hotels

National Park Plitvice Lakes

Croatia's first national park has nature lovers swooning over its extraordinary beauty.

Waterfall in Risnjak National Park near Falkensteiner Hotels

Risnjak National Park

The Risnjak National Park connects the Alps and the Balkan Mountains. It is perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

Diver diving in the deep sea near Falkensteiner Hotels

Pelagos Diving Center

At Pelagos Diving Center, both beginners and professional divers can relax weightlessly in the sea.

Stalactites in Biserujka cave near Falkensteiner Hotels

Biserujka cave

Biserujka Cave offers fascinating stalactite formations and a legend about a smuggler's treasure.

Whale shark in Baska Aquarium near Falkensteiner Hotels

Baska Aquarium

Featuring over 100 species of fish, the Baska Aquarium provides a detailed insight into Croatia's underwater world.

Landscape view of Ucka mountain near Falkensteiner Hotels

Učka mountain – Nature Park

In addition to hiking, cycling and free climbing, you can also go horse riding in the Učka Nature Park.

Fuzine lake surrounded by greenery near Falkensteiner Hotels

Gorski Kotar – Fužine lakes

The lakes around Fužine can be explored on foot or by boat. Here, you can also take part in many water sports.

Boatyard in the sea at Rijeka city near Falkensteiner Hotels


In the 19th century, Rijeka was an important European port. Today, ferries connect the city with the coast.

The splendid aerial view of Soline Bay, Falkensteiner Hotels

Soline Bay

The shallow sea in Soline Bay quickly warms up to allow bathing from spring to late autumn.

Low-angle view of Fortress Nehaj near Falkensteiner Hotels

Fortress Nehaj

A visit to the old fortress at Soline, where “Red Zora” was filmed, is not just for movie fans.

View of Rab Island on a sunny day near Falkensteiner Hotels


Summer, sun, sunshine is guaranteed on the island of Rab. The island records 2,500 hours of sunshine every year.

Buildings in Mali Losinj City near Falkensteiner Hotels

Mali Losinj

Whether cycling, sailing, hiking or eating – everyone will experience their perfect holiday on Losinj!

Iconic Opatija Riviera city by the sea, Falkensteiner Hotels

Opatija Riviera

Opatija has a mild Mediterranean climate, culinary specialties on the waterfront and breath taking views.

Aerial view of Cres Island near Falkensteiner Hotels


In the middle of the island of Cres, which is surrounded by salty sea water, lies a 5 km² freshwater lake.