Landscape view of a vineyard near Falkensteiner Hotels

Holiday at Burgenland

The southern Burgenland, nestled in gentle hills, is a true region of pleasure. The historic cellar alleys still bear witness to original winegrowing and invite visitors to taste the fine wines on site. In addition to winemakers, distilleries also give visitors an insight into the art of distilling, while the many typical Buschenschanken serve regional delicacies. Historic old towns, castles and thermal spas make southern Burgenland a popular vacation spot year-round. The flat region - whose endless expanses can be wonderfully explored from above in a hot-air balloon, by the way - is especially appreciated by golfing enthusiasts.

Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach

Treat yourself to a time out in a relaxing ambience that has a lasting effect on the well-being of body and mind. Experience deceleration, combine activity and regeneration and thus lead your inner center to balance and mindfulness. In complete harmony with the beautiful nature of southern Burgenland, our guests at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach are holistically pampered and accompanied on their personal journey to themselves. With a lifestyle and MedSPA concept in a class of its own, you will experience a symbiosis of pure indulgence, a new body experience and lasting deep relaxation.

Pool & the hotel exterior of Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming



Equipped with most modern Technogym machines the gym with yoga and workout room at Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach is in no way inferior to a fitness centre.

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A boy cycling on a road near Falkensteiner Hotels

Cycling And E-biking In Burgenland

The region’s no. 1 sports definitely is cycling. Appealing routes across soft hills, green meadows, through vineyards and orchards are memories that will last for a while.

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Landscape view of mountains near Falkensteiner Balance Resort

Hiking In And Around Stegersbach

Hiking in Burgenland – is that even possible? You better believe it! 18 attractive hiking routes, three pilgrims’ paths and two themed walking ways span the area around Falkensteiner Hotel Stegersbach.

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Man viewing maps from the phone at Falkensteiner Hotels

Nordic Walking And Running

Start your daily Nordic walking our morning run directly at the doorstep of your wellness hotel.

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A man patting a horse's muzzle at Falkensteiner Balance Resort

Horse Back Riding And Riding Lessons

Not far from your holiday home, you will find riding stable Wagner with an in- and outdoor riding area, showjumping course and tavern

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Aerial view of a Golf course at Falkensteiner Hotels

Golf At Austria’s Largest Golf Facility

Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach is located right next to the 45-hole golf court Stegersbach Lafnitztal.

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Stegerspark high-wire course

Across 16,000 m², the Stegerspark high-wire course offers exciting climbing action as well as a great experience close to nature.

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2 men kayaking on Raab river near Falkensteiner Hotels

Canoe trip on the Raab river

Gentle currents and lively water – a canoe trip on the Raab river is the right combination of activity and relaxation.

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Chakra path in Stegerbach near Falkensteiner Hotels

Chakra Path Stegersbach

The lovingly designed chakra path invites you to take a hike in nature to recharge your batteries and relax.

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2 Lamas eating grass near Falkensteiner Hotels

Llama hike Neusiedel near Güssing

The balance of the llamas makes walking together a relaxing yet exciting experience.

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Local Attractions

Rauchwarter See near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Rauchwarter See

Prepare to be enchanted by the idyllic surroundings and untouched nature of southern Burgenland.

Ancient barn in an open-air Museum near Falkensteiner Hotels

Open Air Museum Ensemble Gerersdorf

The Freilichtmuseum Ensemble Gerersdorf consists of 35 objects, including mainly thatched ancient residential and farm buildings. These buildings are home to a wealth of traditional everyday objects and farming tools and provide an insight into the Pannonian culture of the last three centuries.

The exterior of Güssing Castle near Falkensteiner Hotels

Güssing Castle

The oldest castle in Burgenland, Güssing Castle, sits enthroned on a long-extinct volcanic cone, where it was erected as a fortification in 1157. It was expanded into a brick-walled fortress to ward off threats from the east in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Hartberg city with mist near Falkensteiner Hotels


The old town centre of Hartberg is a picturesque gem with historical charm. Visitors can stroll through winding alleyways, admire well-preserved medieval buildings and enjoy the traditional flair of the region. 

Chocolate pieces in Zotter Factory near Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Zotter Chocolate Factory

Experience the variety of the chocolate world on a choco tour through the unique chocolate shop theatre and let the different, extraordinary flavours "melt in your mouth"!

Kukmirn Destillerie Puchas near Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Distillery Puchas

Discover one of the country's most innovative distilleries and savour one or two delicacies. Whiskey, gin, liqueurs, brandies, vermouth, rum and vodka await you. 

Sun rays touch an old oak tree near Falkensteiner Hotels

Thousand-year-old Oak Tree

Take a romantic walk through untouched natural surroundings to the thousand-year oak. The oak grows in Bierbaum, has a circumference of 8.75m, and, at an estimated 1,200 years of age, is the oldest oak in Europe.

Althodis Treetop Skywalk near Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences

Althodis Treetop Skywalk

The Althodis treetop trail invites you on a journey through the treetops of the Geschriebenstein-Irottkö Nature Park. At a total length of 500 metres, there are eleven towers, rising up to 20 metres high and connected by wooden bridges. 

Riegersburg castle near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


Riegersburg Castle, a fortress over 850 years old, sits majestically on a steep volcanic rock and is considered the symbol of south-east Styria. It can be seen from afar and leaves a deep impression on visitors, whether they explore it on foot, by cable car or via ferrata.
The Kronegg High Castle, the centrepiece of the fortress, is home to three fascinating exhibitions: the Witch Museum, the Castle Museum and the Weapons Museum. The flight demonstrations at the bird of prey observatory, where visitors can see the majestic birds of prey in action, are also particularly worth seeing.

Pouring whisky into glasses, a Distillery, Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Gölles Schnapps Distillery & Vinegar Production

The Gölles manufactory specialises in the production of fine distilled spirits and fine vinegar, made solely from the fruit itself. At the end of the 1950s, Alois Gölles senior laid the foundations for today's factory.

Border experience trail in
Bildein near Falkensteiner Hotels

The border experience trail, Bildein

The border experience trail highlights the issue of borders for all age groups and encourages you to take an informative walk.

Man on Burgauberg observation tower near Falkensteiner Hotels

Burgauberg observation tower

From the Burgauberg observation tower, the view extends from the Geschriebenstein to the Hochwechsel and the Karawanks.

A pig at Labonca Burgau organic farm near Falkensteiner Hotels

Labonca Burgau organic farm

The Labonca organic farm guided tour provides unforgettable insights into the workings of a farm.

Ham provided during Vulcano Tour near Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Vulcano Tour Riegersburg

On grounds covering over 1,000 m², the Vulcano Tour provides information on the techniques used to produce, process and mature ham. With tasting, also available as a vegetarian option. Individual tours can be booked for groups of 10 or more.

Seppi Eder art garden Trumpeter sculpture, Falkensteiner Hotels

Seppi Eder art garden, Neudauberg

Peruse impressive sculptures at Seppi Eder's art garden & gallery.

Sunbeams on a vineyard at Eisenberg near Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Eisenberg wine-growing region

The highlight of a hike through the magnificent Eisenberg wine region is a visit to a Buschenschank tavern.

Morning sunrays through a vineyard near Falkensteiner Hotels
Indulgence & Culinary

Deutsch-Schützen wine-growing region

On the circular route starting in Deutsch-Schützen, you can discover extensive wine-growing areas and a unique landscape.

Stunning lake at Stubenberg near Falkensteiner Hotels

Lake Stubenberg

Around Lake Stubenberg, you'll find relaxation and adventure, from hiking and bicycling to taking off in a hot air balloon.

Bisons at Herberstein Animal World near Falkensteiner Hotels

Herberstein Animal World

At Herberstein Animal World, visitors can get up close to animals from all five continents. Petting zoo included!

Black reeds on the moor in Rohr near Falkensteiner Hotels

The moor in Rohr

A trip to the Pannonian low moor awakens the thirst for adventure with interactive and discovery paths.

Shades creek mill house at Posch mill near Falkensteiner Hotels

Posch mill

A look behind the scenes reveals how a flour mill works and what a miller's job is like.
Early tours and workshops on request.

The entrance of Castle Kohfidisch near Falkensteiner Hotels

Castle Kohfidisch

The listed castle with its English garden is used today primarily as a venue for events.

Aerial view of Eberau moated castle near Falkensteiner Hotels

eberau moated castle

The fortification was once the largest moated castle in Europe and is still a cultural and historical sight today.

Castel Kornberg near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Castel Kornberg

Here you can get exclusive insights into the castle and its history. One attraction is Europe's largest carpet exhibition!