Treatments - all-round well-being

Relaxation at the tips of our fingers. Look forward to soothing massages and pleasant facials that are individually tailored to your needs. Choose from treatments that energise the whole-body or ones that spread a pleasant feeling of calm and relaxation through the body. Bring together body, mind and soul with the right balance of Mediterranean aromatic oils, atmospheric colours and soothing sounds.

Feel like Cleopatra. With a complete repertoire of aroma baths available, you can bathe in a combination of milk, honey and essential oils and enjoy smooth, almost silky skin afterwards. 

Be guided by our competent spa staff and experience your personal pampering moment.

Our recommendations

In order to guarantee that you get all the treatments you want at the time that is perfect for you, we recommend booking in good time and before arrival. Our Acquapura SPA team will be happy to provide you with information and advice and find you an appointment.

Direct booking discount

If you book your stay via one of the official Falkensteiner booking channels (Falkensteiner website, an official Falkensteiner call centre or directly at a Falkensteiner hotel), you will be rewarded with a 20% discount on all spa treatments during your stay. Discover all the direct booking benefits.


SPA reception
9.00 am - 9.00 pm


Spa Partner
  • PHYTOMER Beauty by the sea – the benefits of the sea combined with unique biotechnology. PHYTOMER decodes the power of natural marine active agents and uses micro-organisms to develop modern and innovative active ingredients. This new high-tech biochemistry paves the way for effectiveness and efficiency while also respecting the environment.
  • PHARMOS GREEN LUXURY The bio-certified natural cosmetics line Pharmos Green Luxury pampers you with its unique deep action. Valuable plant ingredients are brought into the cells with 100% pure aloe vera juice instead of with water. The combination of healing, rejuvenating and regenerating plants makes a noticeable difference.
Massages & body treatments
  • Traditional partial & full body massages
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages accompanied by traditional music and special oil mixtures
  • Volcanic stone massages that lead to complete well-being
  • Aroma oil & aroma candle massages ensure an intense feeling of relaxation
  • Foot reflex zone massages contribute to the overall well-being of the whole
  • Anti-stress massage to strengthen the flow of energy in the body
Cosmetics & beauty treatments

The range of beauty treatments includes a variety of refreshing facials, various hydrating anti-ageing treatments and traditional pedicure & manicures. Pamper yourself with these treatments, individually tailored to your needs.

Baths, scrubs and treatments
  • Soothing healing bath with lavender brings your body and mind into balance
  • Aromatic bath with milk, honey & essential oils for silky smooth skin
  • Dalmatian body scrub with Adriatic salts and Mediterranean herbs
  • Oriental full body scrub with terracotta stone
  • Body treatment with mineral-rich, volcanic mud to stimulate the circulation and relax the muscles