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Thalasso - the power of the sea

Even in ancient Greece, people tried to harness the healing effects of the sea. The term Thalasso comes from “thalassa”, the word Greek word for sea. Salt water, sun rays, algae, sea mud and sand are just some of the natural elements used here. Thalasso treatments let you experience the intense power of the sea on your skin.


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Close-up of a breaking wave near Falkensteiner Hotels
The healing power of the sea

The positive revitalising effect of the sea is no longer a secret. The fine salt particles in bracing sea air have a beneficial influence on our airways, the mineral components improve the skin and ensure relaxation of the body's muscles. It is precisely this invigorating effect that you will find in concentrated form during Thalasso treatments.

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Well-being for the body

The power of the sea is reflected in the various Thalasso rituals. Hydrating salt crystal scrub, full-body detoxification masks made of sea mud and baths enriched with marine ingredients give your body a feeling of well-being and lightness. Make the most of everything and let our attentive spa staff advise you on the right treatment for you.