UFO Observation Desk near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

New Bridge With UFO Observation Desk

Constructed between 1967 and 1972 across the Danube River, the New Bridge – also known as the SNP Bridge, after the Slovak National Uprising – is perhaps the city's most distinctive structure. Its designers, J. Lacko and A. Tesar, decided to suspend the steel deck of the bridge from a single pylon. On top of the pylon, at a height of 80 metres, is a restaurant connected to the bridge itself via an inclined high-speed lift housed within one of the pylon's columns, as well as via an emergency staircase with 430 steps inside the other column. The bridge is 431.8m long and 21m wide. The total mass of the steel structure, including the pylon, is 7,537 tons.

UFO is the iconic building and symbol of Bratislava. At the height of 95 meters, with a line of sight to 100 km you will truly know the magic of the building.

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