Beach at Island of Pag near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Island of Pag

Delightfully tasty, capturing the strong character of the dry winter wind, the creamy yellowish Pag cheese produced on the Croatian island of Pag has been described as one of the ten best cheeses in the world. Join us in exploring the island of Pag, its rocky surface, pebble beaches and magnificent aromatic flora while tasting the superb local product – the Pag cheese. Here is a list of the finest cheese variations from Pag, many of which have won international awards and have become an integral part of the international cuisine.

  • Delicatessen cow curd – a fresh specialty of high nutritional value
  • Kozlar cheese – a goat milk cheese with a mild and creamy taste and texture
  • Cheese with pumpkin seeds/Cheese with pepper - semi-hard cow's milk cheese with supplements
  • Pag cheese - hard 100% sheep's milk cheese, milk exclusively from the island, authentic and unique, enchants with its rich and filled with flavour, winner of numerous gold medals at international competitions, the most famous and most awarded Croatian cheese
  • Zigljen extra old - mature cheese older than 5 months, made of cow and sheep milk from Dalmatia, winner of numerous international accolades
  • Cheese with truffles - a lightweight, spicy cheese with the addition of black truffle, intense flavours, winner of two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards
  • Journey of discovery along the coast of Pag and on the island
  • Private tour of the charming township of Pag
  • Introduction to Pag lace – embroidery of finest artistic handmade design –technology hasn’t influenced or changed this local handcrafting jewel
  • Cheese World: Variety of tastings offered

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