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Robotics for all ages

The robotics program is divided in 3 age groups so its suitable and interesting for everyone. 

Baby Lego© Robotics and 3D Modelling (3 - 6 years old) aims to develop and encourage early mathematical and logical thinking through play with various Lego©, Sphero and Cubetto sets. The programme does not aim to create a pure classroom environment, but rather to develop lifelong skills through relaxed, educationally innovative recreational activities. We have designed a programme to develop and enhance fine motor skills with 3D modelling, where children try to make their own toys using 3D tools such as a 3D pen. The toy they build is their own creation to take home for a long lasting memory.

Junior Lego© Robotics and 3D Modelling (7 - 11 years old) also aims to develop mathematical and logical thinking skills, but further develops with initial programming skills and robot manipulation basics through various programming platforms associated with Lego© robot sets, micro:bit, and Sphero robots. They use not only the 3D pen, but even 3D printer to print out their designs!

Senior Lego© Robotics and 3D Modelling (11+ years old) is a challenging project where kids are introduced to different programming platforms and learn the basics of programming over a 2-day period, connected to higher-end robotics sets (Mini Sphero, Lego Prime, micro:bit, Macqueen). They will also dive into the world of 3D model creation using level-up platforms. After modelling a sophisticated model, they can of course print it out.

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