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Hot air balloon flight towards the Dolomites

"There is nothing more beautiful than floating calmly over beautiful villages and landscapes in a hot air balloon and exploring all these wonderful treasures of nature", pilot Robert likes to tell our guests and inspires you with his passion. Together with our friends from "Mountain Ballooning", we take off from Antholz.

Early in the morning you will go to the launch site in Antholz Niedertal, where the balloon crew and the pilot will be waiting for you. The adventure starts with the joint preparation of the balloon. As soon as it is filled with air and ready for take-off, the adventure begins: the air is heated up with the "burner" and the balloon slowly lifts off the ground - a very special feeling. Once high in the air, the wind is the boss. Because you can't really steer a hot air balloon: there are different wind conditions at different altitudes, by changing the altitude the pilot can influence the direction of the flight a bit, so the exact landing place remains a bit of a surprise. As a rule, the balloon flight lasts 1-1.5 hours and runs from Antholz in the direction of the Dolomites.

Duration: half day (balloon flight: 1-1.5 h)
Price: from 230,00 € / person

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