Fitness Active Days at Katschberg

Fitness active days with hula-hooping & more!

Professional master trainer Heike Meidinger will be paying us a visit and, through her motivation, energy and enjoyment of her job, ensuring good moods and a whole lot of fun on her courses. Enjoy a host of varied courses under the motto "Have fun moving" and let Heike captivate and inspire you.

The following courses are offered as part of our fitness active days:

  • Hula hoop: learn how to use a hula hoop, and, in just a short time, you'll be twirling it around. We integrate the hoop into the workout and have tons of fun while hula-hooping.
  • Bottleneck stretching according to "Liebscher and Bracht": a special form of muscle stretching and strengthening. After a "fascial warm-up" with the fascia roller, we will do specific exercises to combat hip, knee, shoulder, head and neck pain.
  • Fascia workout: A beneficial, dynamic fascia workout in flow to release tension, mobilize joints and make you feel more flexible.
  • Fascia Training with Fascia Roller: Myofascial training with a large and small fascia roller.
  • Core & Stability: Strengthening the core through targeted exercises for the back and abdomen.
  • Balance: Exercises on unstable ground train balance, equilibrium and deep muscles that we always need in everyday life.
  • Mobile back: Back training does not have to be boring. A contemporary and modern back workout strengthens your postural apparatus, prevents back pain and gives you an upright posture.
  • HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.
  • Mobility & Stretch: A combination of stretching and mobilizing exercises to loosen tense muscles and areas of the body.
  • Relaxation: Various types of relaxation such as body scan, dream journeys and mindfulness exercises to help the sometimes-stressed mind find peace.

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