So that you not only get to know the unique Croatian coastal landscape during your stay, the Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat offers you a culinary journey into the Mediterranean world of indulgence, with influences from Italian and Croatian cuisine. With daily changing offers ranging from Italian and Croatian classics to more sophisticated dishes, there is a lot to discover for both young and old. The right accompaniment to the food is provided by complementing wines from the region and soft drinks from the beverage station.


To help you focus on the essentials during your holidays, namely the time with your family, we have created an offer that pampers you around the clock. From the generous breakfast buffet to a light lunch buffet and the varied dinner buffet – serve yourself! Our beverage stations with various non-alcoholic soft drinks cater for refreshment.


Plenty of variety is provided at our breakfast and dinner buffet, with changing theme evenings and grilled dishes. Since food is meant to be an experience, you will find show cooking stations at the restaurant, where you can watch with how much love your dishes are being prepared.



  • Falkensteiner, child-friendly all-inclusive service
  • Refreshing soft drinks at the beverage stations and the pool bar
  • Fresh fruit at the all-inclusive buffet from noon to 9:30 PM
  • Varying theme evenings with show cooking stations
  • Children’s snack in Falky Land  from 3:00 to 6:30 PM


The island of Krk is a must for lovers of good food. A special feature of the cuisine is the traditional Croatian cuisine, which was further developed by influences of Italian cooking and became a Mediterranean culinary highlight.

In addition to classic Croatian meat dishes such as ćevapčići, or characteristic cheese and ham, above all, you will find excellent fish specialties with a daily fresh catch from the Adriatic Sea.

Regional wine classics, especially the white wine Žlahtina, which is lovingly produced and traditionally processed by local wine makers on the island of Krk, are a fine complement to the fish. A particular highlight is the sparkling wine that is matured in bottles on the ocean floor, covered in seashells and algae, and brought to the surface for enjoyment.

A specialty of the island is Krk ham, which combines the tradition of two neighboring regions, Istria and Dalmatia. Thus, the “pršut” from Krk develops a distinctive taste that is different from the Dalmatian and Istrian prosciutto, and became a brand with a protected designation of origin.

The local olive oil from Krk also bears the protected designation of origin. Its taste is different from Istrian and Dalmatian varieties: it is spicy and bitter. The olive harvest on the island is a popular event that lasts several weeks. The olives are traditionally picked in October, but due to the challenging karst landscape on the island and the inaccessible olive groves, the harvest can take up to 55 days.

The best accompaniment to olive oil is the local Krk cheese, which was also protected. The cheese is made from sheep’s and goat milk with a strong characteristic herbal flavour. This is because sheep on the island spend most of the year outdoors and feed on aromatic wild plants. In the processing and production phase, aromatic herbs such as sage and rosemary are added. Some manufacturers wrap the cheese in walnut leaves, others smoke it with the aim of preserving the authentic flavours and fragrances of Krk.

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