Excursion TIPS

For Adventurous Holidays

During your summer holiday at the Hotel Park Punat, you will have the opportunity to take exciting short trips in addition to the child-friendly family activities offered at our hotel. You will find additional information about excursions in the hotel.

about  15 min by car

The Aquarium Krk accommodates numerous fish species from the waters of Croatia and the rest of the world, and with 20 large aquariums offers educational discoveries for all ages. And if the underwater world is not enough for you, you can observe exotic animals from around the world in the Terrarium with an area of 380 m².

about 20 min by taxi boat

A trip to the small, fantastically beautiful Croatian island of Košljun with its Franciscan monastery and a museum is especially nice. Košljun is located directly on the coast in Krk, across from Punat, in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. From Punat, you can take a taxi boat to the little island and enjoy the 20-minute crossing with stunning views.

about 15 min by car

The eponymous harbour town of Krk is the historical centre of the island of Krk, and offers numerous restaurants where you can experience the traditional Croatian world of culinary indulgence. The harbour is the point of departure for many boat trips to surrounding bays and islands. For hiking enthusiasts, the Prniba peninsula offers a coastal trail of several kilometres with breathtaking views and beaches.

about 15 min by car

One of the most famous places in Croatia is in close proximity to Punat, and is located at a small charming bay. The town of Vrbnik is known for its narrow, cosy alleys, and therefore it is hardly surprising that you can find the world’s narrowest street here. The place is also a stronghold for the dry quality wine Vrbnička žlahtina, which can be tasted in the traditional bars.

about 20 min by car

In the western part of the island of Krk lies the picturesque harbour town of Malinska, known for its many beautiful beaches and bays. What is special about this area is the pine forest that surrounds the bays and provides natural shade.

about 20 min by car

For those who aim high and want to get an overview of the southern coast of the island of Krk: A nice destination is mount Obzova (about 570 m) in the village of Baška, which offers wonderful views and reveals hidden places. Baška is also known for its approx. 1800 m long white pebble beach, one of the most beautiful natural beaches on the Adriatic coast, which is particularly suitable for non-swimmers and families.

about 1 hour by car

The breathtaking Risnjak National Park covers approximately 64 km², and forms the natural border between the Croatian coastal land and the continental part. Caves, waterfalls, diverse flora and fauna, and a 1528 m peak – a unique experience of nature for all ages.