Falky's Children’s SPA

Wellness für Kinder

Even our youngest guests sometimes have extremely demanding days. For our Falky's children’s SPA we have put together a whole range of lovingly selected treatments. The Falky wellness concept was designed as a unique experience especially for children, and the new, light-flooded wellness area features age-appropriate amenities for every age group.

Falky's Massages

Massages are a wonderful way to bring children to rest, they help relax and loosen minor tensions. A personal conversation with our SPA experts and Falky's wellness triangle will help determine which massage is right for which child. We offer special massages for every character, stimulating treatments for quiet children and relaxing treatments for very lively children.

You can also be present at the massage of your children and learn how to best massage your children. Massages gently enable parents and children to find a way towards a better understanding, mutual trust and deep attachment. Children's massages promote balanced growth and, as necessary, help children come to rest, provide balance or activation. Regularly massaged children experience well-being and develop a positive body feeling that supports them in their development. In addition, massages stimulate the blood circulation and digestion, improve the ability to concentrate, strengthen the immune system, and breathing is deepened.

Falky's Cosmetics and Sauna

In addition to children's massages, we also offer loving and child-friendly cosmetic treatments such as natural facial care and child-friendly manicure for perfectly relaxed and happy children. Sauna is also all about family here. In the separate children's SPA, sauna infusions are held at regular intervals for the entire family and for children only.

To make our youngest guests feel most comfortable, we only use natural products and essential oils in our treatments.