Discover our Acquapura Treatments with individual scents, colours, and sounds. Body wraps administered daily at 1.30 p.m. in the brine steam bath with olives, chocolate, almond and rose petal cream. Precious trace elements and fruit extracts will feel smooth and pamper your skin! A gentle rose fragrance will charm you and make you quickly forget your stress


Would you like to be truly pampered? The  relaxing acquapura body scrub provides a smooth and soft skin feeling for you. Furthermore, you determine the most suitable background music for your current mood to make the scrub an individualised wellness experience.


Would you like your massage to be done more softly or intensively? We adjust your body massage according to your wishes. You decide  on the scents and atmosphere according to your current mood. Every massage begins  with a 5 minute foot bath and finishes with refreshing herb water. Moreover, a little gift awaits you!


We offer a free sauna infusion in the sauna area two times a day. Enjoy our unique SPA area with the following list of infusions and their special effects:

Salt: Salt acts as a peel, leaving your skin clean and supple. It promotes blood circulation, removes old skin cells, and the salt's mineral substances stimulate the metabolism. 
Honey: Thanks to the vitamins and propolis, honey cleans deeply, moisturises, disinfects and nurtures the skin.
Ice: Rubbing ice stimulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation in the skin. At the same time, the use of cold ice trains the vessels.
Fragrance: Beneficial aromatherapy helps to relax the psyche. 



"The sound of singing bowls calms our innermost part; it makes the soul resonate..." Let the sound of the bowls bring you to a state of ultra-deep tranquillity.