Want to stay fit while you’re on holiday? Besides the numerous activities available in the region, we offer an array of sports and relaxation options to revive your spirits.

You can work out in our high-tech fitness room or do some laps in our spacious pool area:

  • Yoga, underwater gymnastics, K-Taping®
    K-Taping® improves muscle function, supports joints, reduces pain, activates the lymph system and relieves the following: Muscle tension, back pain, sports injuries such as tennis elbow, etc.
  • Nordic walking: Dynamic walking with poles
  • Many different hikes, excursions, mountain, or e-bike tours
  • Golf
  • Stretching and meditation: Each of the body’s main meridians and the corresponding organs are activated through a special stretching system.
  • The 5 Tibetans: They are a simple and great combination of five movement patterns and are among the oldest, Far East methods of finding relaxation, well-being and life energy.
  • Exercises for the back: Optimal fitness training for the back with great health benefits.
  • Water gymnastics: Gymnastics in the water are effective and are gentle on the spine, joints and tendons
  • Wellness exercises: We offer a programme of slow, gentle movements for those who are young at heart and those who want to find their way back to exercise.
  • Archery: Provided by our partner, NTC Sölle, for a fee