Enogastronomic weeks & cooking master class

for parents and children

Would you like to learn cooking how to cook pasta, pizza or gelato and take back home with mouth watering recipes?

Cooking Mania Season will start in September and October at Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi! The cooking school courses have been conceived to “dirty your fingers”: our chefs will advise you how to select food products, explain the cooking times and teach you the best of Italian cuisine.

The first week will be dedicated to our Executive Chef Massimiliano Balia

It is difficult to find another person in Sardinia most familiar with fish and its preparation. During fish tasting he will reveal every detail on flavour, texture and the best cooking methods for the different types of fish. Moreover, our Sardinian week allows you to discover every secret of this local cuisine, following the utmost respect for tradition using local ingredients and typical products of this magic land.


And what about Gelato?

One of the most important news of this year has been the opening of our gelateria. Our premium daily ice-cream is an invention Marco Serra, an award-winning gelato master and his sweet wife Marina Dagrossa. Their gelato is considered one of the best in Italy and our Bottega del Gelato is probably the first homemade gelateria inside a Resort. So, would you like to learn how to make the authentic gelato? Marco, Marina and Daniel (their learner and an excellent gelatiere) will teach you and your kids every secrets of this fascinating art. The third enogastronomic week will combine the aristocratic elegance and the incredible charm of Turin with the beauty and scents of Sardinian magical land: Il Consorzio Restaurant, one of the most famous in the Piemonte region, will lead our cuisine for a week, giving our guests a chance to discover the delicious Piedmont food concept