Experience Belgrade's

History & Charm

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has existed for over 7000 years. What was one of the oldest continuously populated places in Europe it is now a vibrant city with a million residents. Located by the Danube and Sava it boasts sightseeing spots for everyone - no matter age or interests. 

The charm of a city can be best experienced when exploring the city by foot. That way you can see the quaint little lanes and the everyday life of locals. The Belgrade Fortress as well as the majority of museums, parks, squares and memorials are in the city centre and can thus be reached by foot.

A must for any sightseeing tour is the Belgrade Fortress, which forms the historical core of the Serbian capital and serves as a symbol of Belgrade's origins. The history of Belgrade is characterized by numerable massacres, conflicts and conquests between the great powers of the Habsburg monarchy and the Ottoman Empire in the Turkish wars.

The Bohéme neighbourhood Skadarlija is also worth a visit. Here you'll experience a vibrant and artistic atmosphere, reminiscent of the Parisian Montmartre. Many poets and musicians have spent their most eventful days there.

Not far from the hotel, at the promenade and directly on the water is the Casino as well as numerous restaurants and bars, where you can relax and enjoy yourself after a long and eventful day. The restaurants offer lovely regional dishes.

If you're looking for a bit more action the Nightlife in Belgrade enjoys an internationally acclaimed reputation. Lonely Planet travel guides have rated Belgrade as the best place in the world for nightlife and partying! Worthwhile clubs are situated primarily in floating boats on the waterfronts of the Sava and the Danube. Lately, the central part of the city called Savamala is gaining more and more popularity, there you can find many clubs, restaurants and bars but also art galleries and local designers shops.