Plan your Trip to Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro

The Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro is situated between Bečići and Rafailiovići in the municipality of Budva. 

Budva / Bečići is connected to the E80, one of the main roads in Montenegro.

The city of Dubrovnik is at a distance of 95 km; this route includes the busy ferry service between Lepetane and Kamenari. The route around the bay of Kotor takes about 30 minutes longer. 

From Podgorica, two roads lead to Budva; driving time is approximately 1.15 hours. 
Coming from the South, there is a direct connection between Ulcinj and Bar.


Take A90/E80 from Viale Palmiro Togliatti and Via Casilina, 13 min (4.8 km) - take A1/E45 to SS372 in Caianello. Exit Caianello off A1/E45, 1 h 20 min (145 km) - continue to Benevento, 55 min (70.7 km) - follow A16/E842, A14 - Autostrada Adriatica/A14 and SS16 to Via Napoli in Bari. Take Exit 4 off SS16, 1 h 53 min (190 km) - head towards Napoli - take the Viale Orlando Vittorio Emanuele to Bar, ME - Bari, IT in Bari, 11 min (5.5 km) - take the Bar, ME - Bari, IT ferry to Bar - you will reach Montenegro, 9 h 59 min (218 km) – follow the M2.4 and E65/E80 to your destination in Bečići.


Continue driving on A9/E57 from Mödlinger Hüttenweg II and Schoberpaß Str./B113, 22 min (10.2 km) - drive on E57 - take E59, E71 and E65 to R425a in Zvirovići, Bosna and Hercegovina, 7 h 6 min (757 km) - take the M6, R427, M20, P11 and E65/E80 to your destination in Bečići, Montenegro, 3 h 51 min (211 km)

Bar train station: approx. 3 ¼ hours

Closest airports:

  • Tivat: 24 km
  • Podgorica: 60 km
  • Dubrovnik: 75 km


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