Taking a sauna is pure relaxation! After an active day outdoors hiking, walking or cross-country skiing, a sauna session promises holistic relaxation. Your body's defences are strengthened, your skin cleansed and your sleep becomes deeper. Make time for a health-enhancing and therapeutic sauna in our spacious Acquapura SPA wellness area. Whether it's a steam bath, an organic herbal sauna or a Finnish sauna, afterwards you can enjoy a Kneipp hydrotherapy treatment and relax!



2 pm - 7.00 pm



Temperatures between 55 and 60°C, and humidity between 60 and 65%. In the bio herbal sauna, a bowl containing fresh herbs in water is mounted above the stove. The essences slowly dissolve from the herbs as a pleasant scent fills the sauna room.


The steam bath is a variation of the sauna with lower temperatures and very high humidity. In a steam bath, the temperatures often range between 40°C and 52°C, and the humidity between 48 and 62%.


This is the “standard sauna” that’s found in every Acquapura Spas. Dry heat with low levels of humidity. The temperature is generally kept between 80 and 95 – and even up to 100°C. In Finnish saunas, infusions are used to increase the heat stimulus.

Kneipp Pool

A Kneipp cure, or treading water, is good for the veins, the immune system, helps prevent varicose veins, and stimulates the entire blood circulation.