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Yoga with Maria Sturm

Yoga for a good posture - inside and outside!

Our Yogi Maria Sturm is looking forward to respectfully challenging each participant and supporting them on their way to deep inner peace and a good posture. In the individual yoga units, the aim is always to establish a positive inner posture with calmness and mindfulness and to promote strength and flexibility. The two complementary elements Yin (calmness) and Yang (dynamics) lead to a feeling of well-being already during the yoga unit.

Yoga units:

02. 11. 2020 17:00-18:00
03. 11. 2020 17:00-18:00
04. 11. 2020 17:00-18:00
(limited number of participants)

Everyone who feels like doing something good for body, mind and soul is welcome, regardless of gender, age, fitness level and mobility.

About Maria Sturm

"I started conquering snow-covered slopes on skis at the age of 3 and was already sitting on the yoga mat at primary school age, when yoga was far from being a trend. Thanks to a ski instructor training sponsored by the German Alpine Club and my back school instructor license, I was able to give courses and gain experience in teaching both at the university and in various renowned studios during my studies of sports and German language and literature.
Thanks to the support of my family I was able to fulfill a great dream in 2011 and open the YOGA & Health School RAUM&ZEIT. Based on several years of medical-scientific training as a Hatha Yoga teacher, old traditions combined with the latest research, I have been teaching an uncomplicated but effective yoga style for many years. But I also love to use the FeetUp to turn the world upside down and practice Aerial Yoga floating in the air. Over the years, I have additionally trained in the areas of hormone & fascia yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle coaching. All my knowledge and experience will shape a mindful and appreciative yoga practice."

*We reserve the right to make short-term programme changes or cancellations due to higher-ranking ordinances within the framework of the epidemic legislation.

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